With the use of plush fabric in the fashion industry, attention is drawn to the right to life of animals

Kolunsağ has taken its place in the industry as a leading name in fleece production today, with the experience it gained in the textile industry in 1933. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, quality and trust, it has created a state-of-the-art facility for the production of fleece suitable for all purposes. In the light of their experience; continues its production of fleece-plush, suitable for many purposes such as apparel, leather, shoes, slippers, auto upholstery, industrial filters, paint rollers, baby blankets and home textiles. The awareness created by the global epidemic and climate crisis regarding sustainability has also reflected on the shopping habits of consumers. . While consumers care more about sustainability, businesses also took their place in the fight against climate change with a sustainable production model. The fashion industry has started to make more room for the use of plush made from organic fabrics, both to combat the climate crisis and to support the right to life of animals.

In addition to the global epidemic, the climate crisis, which is gradually increasing its impact, has increased the awareness of consumers about sustainability and added the sustainability item to the agenda of companies. Stating that sustainable production affects many sectors from food to stationery, from furniture to textiles, Kolunsağ Muflon Marketing Manager Ahmet İhsan Kolunsağ said, "A company that has been producing muftons for 89 years, used in many fields such as apparel, shoes, automotive, stationery, toys, home textiles and accessories. We support the fight against climate change with our sustainable production philosophy. With our organic fabric mufton production, we focus on human health as well as sustainability. By using sustainable materials instead of animal skin in production, we take on the advocacy of the right to life of animals, like all living things in nature. We draw attention to the right to life of animals with the plush giraffe mascot at national and international fairs.

The Use of Plush Fabric is Increasing in the Fashion Industry

With our advanced technologies, we also meet the different pattern and color demands of the fashion industry. The awareness of sustainability in the fashion industry has made the use of plush fabric widespread. We are expanding the use of plush fabric in many products from clothing to shoes and accessories with our hundreds of pattern options.