Seryılmaz Tekstil-VIPTEX FASHION

About Us

Our Company was established in 1998, in partnership of Selahattin Malkoc and Erdogan Duser as Yilmaz Textile. In 2005, it was named as Seryilmaz Textile Tic. Ltd Sti. It still goes with this name. Our company became one of the best in Textile Sector by improving consistently with the experience of our builders who started textile life in 1970s. Seryilmaz Textile achived important place in sector with its quality and innovator approachment and now served %60 of its products to foreign market. We export our products to many countries like Poland, Belarus, Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Canada, Greece, and Bulgaria. Today we are known as reliable company by our customers and we meet the best way our customer's expectations by being insensible of this responsibility.

Vision and Mission

Value that we give our employers, quality products, service and customer satisfaction is our main principle. Meeting our customers with high quality and unique products is our philosopy, increasing our export share by extending our work load and through this way supporting Turkish Economy is our aim.


High Quality – Fast Delivery

We prepare your orders carefully and in the fastest way due to our millions of meters holding capacity.

Design Variety

We offer you hundreds of designs and colors as seasonal and whole year collections.

Intelligent Finishes

Wrinkle free, stay fresh or any other finishings can be applied to your orders in case you require. All treatments are environmentally-friendly.

Bespoken Production

We produce your own designs if you require or our designers can offer you new designs considering your needs.


Our mission is to provide you stylish designs with endless colors. We renew our fabrics wisely, observing global needs to catch time. We choose best yarns and weave in our high technology looms. After finishing process, we ship brand new fabrics to you in closest time.

Our Products

Whole Year Collections

Polycotton Collection

This collection offers you fabrics in various percentages of polyester and cotton yarns. Available in a wide range of patterns and colors. Designs offer you classical style, formal, informal wear and always in stock.

100% Cotton Collection

We offer you endless design and color options by this collection. Available in plain, checks and stripes in addition to natural texture. The collection is always in stock by formal, informal, urban and casual business wear options.

Seasonal Collections

Flam Collection

This collection is produced with flam yarn. Our delighted designs take colors from nature. This collection is available for spring and summer.

Flanel Koleksiyonu

We produce this collection with blended yarns and it is renewed every autumn. This collection is available for autumn and winter.