At our company operating in Istanbul and Denizli, we produce woven and knitted fabric with conventional and recycled yarns. We are active players in the process of producing new fabrics and textile solutions in the textile industry. We continue to be one of the important textile references in terms of quality and service. Our company, which is focused on the environment and customer, has a wide collection of fabrics with newly developed textile solutions.

6000 m² covered area

Weaving and knitting production unit

+1000 product references

Annual production of 1.2 million meters of woven fabric

Annual production of 2400 tons of knitted fabric.

Our company has a strong supply chain for quality fabric production. This power allows us to supply products of desired quality through controlled and superior coordination among various production centers.

It is our mission to consider the world and future we live in within the vision of Gama Alliance. We value future generations and encourage the use of recycled raw materials in the development of new fabric qualities. We take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously and are a partner in the solution for a livable future.

Together for a sustainable future…

As Gama Alliance, we are known for our expertise in textiles, professionalism, and social and environmental commitment. We are a solution partner in effectively using natural resources by creating a sustainable structure.

Our factory is located in Denizli, Turkey with a covered area of 3000 m2. We continuously produce new solutions for a sustainable future by producing woven and knitted fabric using conventional and recycled yarns. We prioritize collections that support sustainable fabric usage through our experience and expertise in using recycled raw materials, which require expertise and intensive care. Weaving and knitting raw material is relatively easy, but using recycled raw materials is a task that requires expertise and intensive care.