Having founded at 2020, Vivid is a part of group of companies under the main brand MIB, which had been founded in 2009. The founder of the group of companies has been in the industry for more than 25 years, which makes Vivid an experienced enterprise.

Vivid Textile is currently translating its experiences and connections into fast, immaculate and

innovative fabric production. Creating a humanist and equal atmosphere for its co-workers, at Vivid Textile we prioritize their happiness. We believe best results in a sustainable business, come out of a happy environment. We also believe in a sustainable future.

By 2025, our goal is to make 100% of our fabric selection sustainable. In order to meet this goal of more environmental-friendly productions, we and our third parties, make investments in technological infrastructure using less energy resources.

Having adopted a management perception of young, dynamic and innovator teamwork, at Vivid Textile, we provide service to world's leading clothing brands. In line of the trends and colors, we manufacture fast, very highquality fabrics that are blend of cotton, Tencel, modal, viscose, polyester,

polyamide and linen yarns.

In our company and all of our subcontractors, we make human rights, occupational health & safety and environment-consciousness a priority. In order to feel our co-workers' support at all times, in our human rights policy, we change the term "employee"" with "co-worker" instead.

As Vivid Textile, together with our co-workers, we are here to reach our goal of being an important player at womenswear with our exclusive touch, redefining "speed" and "customer-focused" words within the industry and being more than a "solution partner", but rather a part of customer experience process.