MEM Tekstil was established in 1993 and is among the 300 largest industrial companies in Turkey. With a daily production of 65 tons, it has the largest Vortex Yarn production capacity in Turkey, the second largest in the world. The production of 100% cotton melange yarns on the Vortex production line is carried out for the first time in MEM Tekstil. The production staff is 3000 people.

MEM Tekstil manufactures American cotton, polyester, hemp, linen, bamboo, tencel, Indian viscose, Indian modal, micromodal, lyocell, acrylic, polyamide fibers, using the NE 8 END group (NE 8 END group) /1 - 36/1), RING and COMPACT group (between NE 10/1 - 60/1), RING FLAM (with slub) yarns (between NE 10/1 - 50/1), RING, BLENDED and 100% yarns (NE 10/1 to 50/1), RING CORE YARN (ELASTANE) (CORE SPUN) yarns (NE 10/1 to 50/1), VORTEX yarn group (EKRU) (NE 8/1 to 50/1) ARASI), VORTEX COLOR AND GRAY MELANGE yarns, FANCY yarns (NE 10/1 to 50/1) produce dyed and printed knitted fabrics from these yarns and their blends.

Superior quality, the fact that all stages of production from raw material to finishing are carried out in its own facility, it has three laboratories and many certificates in international quality standards are the competitive advantages of the company.

There are 180 knitting machines, 1 digital and 2 12-color rotary printing machines, dyeing machines with a capacity of 50-1250 kg, yarn laboratory, physics and chemistry laboratories in the enterprise.

The company produces knitted fabrics in 60 gr/m² - 600 gr/m² weights with a daily production capacity of 55 tons of knitting, 12 tons of printing, 40 tons of dyeing, 210 tons of yarn, that is, 25,000 tons of fabric and more than 76,000 tons of yarn.

The total of production areas with yarn and fabric production facilities in Kahramanmaraş and flax and hemp fiber production and processing facilities in Amasya is 400.828 m².

The equipment used in the processing of raw materials, yarn and fabric production, which is constantly renewed and completed with the development of technology, consists of state-of-the-art machines of well-known international brands.

We provide services such as color study, test sample and trial fabric production, R&D designs and analysis and studies from customer samples for customer comfort and satisfaction..