Exhibitors List VIPTEX fashıon vol.6
Premium Tekstil
Founded in 2015 with the aim of meeting the high quality and trend fabric needs of the growing textile sector in Turkey and the world , Premium Tekstil, which started in 1992 at Merter Keresteciler site, serves as a monthly capacity of 2 million mt with collections prepared for its customers according to fashion developments in the world.

As Premium textile,which provides production and supply services with a wide range of products such as raw ,painted and printed in the woven fabric group, we continue to provide value to our customers and to be one of the leading companies in the sector by providing more and more brand services in accordance with their demands.

Web: www.premiumtekstil.com

Phone: +90 212 452 5054

Address: 15 Temmuz mah. Gülbahar cd.1507. sk. No:10
Aba Tekstil
Aba Textile Knitting Industry & Trade CO. is established in 2003 to produce knitted fabric in Yenibosna, İstanbul. As of 2014, it continues to conduct yarn and knitted fabric with the capacity of 17 tons yarn and 20 tons fabric per day. In its active open-end viscose and viscose vortex yarn spitting facility of 26,000 m2 in the area of Çerkezköy/ Tekirdağ.

Our fabrics are mainly sold to the clothing companies which export to Europe; furthermore we are exporting our goods to various European and Balkan counties, also Russia and the Middle East.

Web: www.abatekstil.com.tr

Phone: +90 (212) 654 80 81

Address: Yenibosna Merkez Mahallesi, Profesor Doktor M. Nevzat Pisak Caddesi No:14, 34197 Bahçelievler/İstanbul

Özel Tekstil
Ozel Tekstil, founded by Mehmet Özel in 1940, is a fully integrated woven fabric manufacturer, now recognized by as well the international as the domestic market. Managed by the 3rd Özel generation the company has not ceased to grow and has developed the adequate management structure to assure the innovative and high quality policy. Özel Tekstil is a fast fashion production center which has been strengthened over its 60 years of accumulated textile experience. Original designs, accurate high quality service, very flexible and fast production help to adapt to the ever faster pace the fashion scene is requiring.

Özel Tekstil produces 1,25 million meter of fabric per month, which are realized with high profile brands and ready-made garment manufacturers spread internationally as well as domestically. The production is realized in a 11.000m² factory in Turkey, Bursa-Inegöl.

Web: www.ozeltekstil.com

Phone: +90 212 520 79 35, +90 212 522 16 78

Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Nakiye Elgun Sokak No: 31/B SISLI / ISTANBUL
Beyhan Tekstil
Since 1978 ourfamily, which has beenmanufacturingwovenfabrics in Bursa. Wehavebeenproducingsmallmount of wovenfabrics in 1983 andwehaveincreasedourproductioneveryyear. Since 1995 wearemanufacturingshirtingandblousingfabric. Ourcompanyproduces 3,5 millionmetersperyearwith 80 weavingmachines.

Withour R&D anddesignteam, weservetoourcustomerswithnewcreationsbyfollowingtheworldtrendseveryseason. Alsoweproducespecialfabricsaccordingtocustomerrequests. Ourcompany has a customer-orientedproductionandsalesapproach.

Web: www.beyhantextile.com

Phone: +90 224 376 04 00

Address: Şehit Cüneyt Yıldız Caddesi No:163 Uludağ Org. San. Bölg. P.K 16580 Gürsu / BURSA

Rin Textile
Rin Textile is operating as a wowen fabric manufacturer and exporter established in Denizli / TURKEY since 1982. We produce woven fabrics at wholesale prices to Apparel Designers and Manufacturers, Home & Hotel Textile Manufacturers, Industrial Workwear Manufacturers and of course Wholesale Fabric Companies around the WORLD.

We have been the exclusive TURKISH MANUFACTURER & EXPORTER for this line of fabrics since 1997. Besides our regular production which is 300.000 mt monthly, we also work with clients to custom-design fabrics to their specifications.

Web: www.rinteks.com

Phone: + 90 258 267 20 60

Address: Kale Mahallesi Demokrasi Caddesi No:6 Denizli/TURKEY
Ezgi Tekstil
In 1992, we founded Ezgi Tekstil to bring a new breath to the fashion world and add our color to the rapidly changing world. And in line with this philosophy, we grew everyday and achieved a rich collection range at our 20,000 sqm plant in Bursa.

While we continue to primarily produce jacquard fabric, we made ourselves a special place in the sector by producing various other fabrics such as for bags, shoes etc. with the power that we got from our advanced equipments.

Web: www.ezgitekstil.com

Phone: +90 212 908 02 00, +90 0224 411 00 83

Address: Tesvikiye Mah. Şakayık Sok. Nisantası Plaza No: 40 Квартира: 19 Этаж: 4 Nisantaşı Sisli Стамбул
İlgi Tekstil
Since 1995, our company has been producing knit combed cotton fabrics, fancy fabrics, jacquard, and striper fabrics with an experienced professional team via our own knitting machines. Having been established in 1995 with the principle of "quality and customer satisfaction", Ilgi Tekstil has succeeded in becoming one of the largest domestic companies engaged in production for the biggest textile brands.

Our company produces knit combed cotton fabric, jacquard, and striper fabrics with the help of our professional team of 20 people working 7/24. With the principle of transparency, İlgi Tekstil informs its customers from order to production and from quality control to shipping.

Web: www.ilgitextile.com

Phone: 0212 655 80 70

Address: Baglar Mah. Barıs Sok. No: 10 K.2 Gunesli / Bagcılar / Стамбул
Avrupa Pasifik
Avrupa Pasifik Tekstil, founded in 2000, is one of the leading printing factories located in city of Bursa, the capital of Turkish Textiles, serving both domestic and international customers all over the world. The core idea is being able to print conventionally & digitally & dye all possible demands of the customers on seasonally changing selective, dynamic printing grounds, both knitted and wovens. Our fabrics vary from 20 gr/mt2 lightweight silks to 400 gr/mt2 heavy weight knitted fabrics, as well as cottons, polyamids, polyesters, rayons, linens and their blends plain, dobby woven and jacquards.

While machinery used are capable of processing all these types of different weight and blended fabrics, various types of dyestuffs for dyeing and printing are kept under control and tested to make sure that no harmful substances are available.

Web: www.avrupapasifik.com.tr

Phone: +90 224 261 6269

Address: Avrupa Pasifik Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
Hatin Tekstil
The foundation of our company was laid in 1981 with the name of Nur İplik upholstery fabric. Our company is expanding its structure and constantly renewing itself; developing all the possibilities of technology within the world by working simultaneously. While less than kind in Turkey, our company operates throughout the season Search always plenty of variety, different products, different visions, he has been working with a different marketing approach. Our company, which prioritizes quality, offers its products and services to all women in the world with its wide range of products. We have two main principles in our short and long term goals; To be a leader in our industry and employ more …

Web: www.hatintekstil.com.tr

Phone: +90 (224) 364 00 50

Address: Kazımkarabekir mahallesi 3. Kelebek sokak no 12-14 Bursa/Turkey
Toraman Tekstil
Toraman Textile has been one of the leading organizations of fast growing knitting industry in our country by; creating a team from experts, since foundation respecting human health, and keeping up with the world of technological developments and information at the highest level. Our goal in the short term is to create new values for our customers by developing new and original designs in the light of this success without compromising our quality and to be with them not only during sales but also after sales. Our goal in the long term is to increase our production by using our resources efficiently and accurately in line with today´s and future customer expectations and to make our production world´s brand by spreading our sales points that are present for today to important textile centers of the world.

Web: www.toramantekstil.com/

Phone: +90 212 416 72 25

Address: Telsiz Mahallesi Imdat Toraman Caddesi No:21 Zeytinburnu / Istanbul
Our company began its business life in 1978 in the Kadirlinsky district of Adana under the name Koza Tuhafiye A. S., founded by the late Abdul Baki Siverekli from Malatya / Darende. Then, in 1982, he began his activities in the field of wholesale trade in fabrics under the sign "Sivteks Textiles" in the Kokavesir district of Adana.

Web: www.sivteks.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 830 61 82

Address: A.Nafiz Gurman Mah. A.Rıza Gurcan Cad. No: 27 Platform Merter No: 44 Gongoren / Istanbul
Ventsa Tekstil
Ventsa Takstil produces exclusive, elegant fabrics for evening and wedding dresses, as well as prom dresses, for trousers, jackets, etc. We mainly produce fabrics with the composition polyester, polyester with viscose, polyester / elastane, polyester / polyamide, etc.

Web: www.ventsatekstil.com

Телефон: +90 (224) 360 09 94, +90 (224) 361 01 65

Address: DOSAB Papatya Sok. No: 4 / A Osmangazi / BURSA
Fikri Örme
Fikri Örme Industry Trading Limited Company, manufacturesandsellseverytype of knitting fabrics (jacquard, jersey, frenchterry, threefleece, interlock, double-knit, doubleface, rib, waffle, terry, camisole, ottoman,ringel, salonica, triple-knit, stripedetc…) since 1993. Today, bycombiningthepossibilitiesprovidedbytechnologywiththedevelopments in thetextilesectorandthechangingdemands, it has reachedtotheproductioncapacity of over 1,000 tonspermonth as raw, dyedandprintedfabricandexporting fabrics tomanycountries in theworld.

Web: www.fikriorme.com.tr

Phone: +(9) 0212 642 32 65

Address: Sancaktepe Sanayi Mah. Oznur Sok. No: 40/1-2-3 Istanbul / Turkey
Safran Kumaş
Our company was founded in 2014 for the manufacture and sales of fabric. It has been serving with its expert and competent staff for the manufacture and sales of the raw, dyed and printed fabric. It has been following up closely all the technologic innovations of the sector and always increases its production and capacity by doing assesments and also taking into consideration the customer's demands.

Safran Kumas has been maintaining its speciality on the fabrics such as: polyester, viscose, poly/viscose , linen, cotton and jacquard.

Our marketing and sales team are composed of experienced sales representatives and account executives. They give all the necessary information about the access of the orders to delivering them to the customers and also they are experts in following all the phases during the process.

Web: www.safrankumas.com

Phone: +90 224 211 73 27

Address: Cumhuriyet, Nakiye Elgun Sk. No: 35, 34380 Sisli / Istanbul
Yeşilova Kumaşcılık
In 2011 we started woven fabric production and sale in İstanbul.In a very wide range,we produce and sell polyester,viscon,cotton,linen and blended fabrics for women ,men and kids clothing.

As dyeing and printed fabrics we produce and sell 1.300000 mt. in average per year.

We export our fabrics to the brands located in europe ,and both domestic and foreign suppliers.

Web: www.viptexb2b.com

Phone: +90 212 637 87 75

Address: M.Nesih OZMEN Mah. Fatih Cad. Yuksel Sok. No:5 Gungoren / ISTANBUL
Muratoglu brand was founded in 1984 in Sultanhamam. Our company sheds light on modern fashion with more than 30 years of experience. Our woolen fabric company is based on quality.

Our company, which is often mentioned in the domestic and international markets, draws strength from its dynamic team. He daily expands his production facilities and technologies for our valued customers.

Web: www.muratoglukumas.com

Phone: 0212 565 10 32

Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Nakiye Elgün Sok. No: 23 / Osmanbey / Sisli / Istanbul
HRN Tekstil
Established in 2001, Hrn Fabric is active in the textile industry, especially in the field of knitted fabrics. Since the day it was founded, giving importance to the professionalism, experience, quality, trust and customer satisfaction in the same way and today, has become a company known with these values in the industry.

Hrn Fabric, which has been serving the garment and especially knitted fabric sector for more than 20 years, continues its company profile which is preferred by the domestic and foreign pioneer brands of the sector in the frame of customer satisfaction since its inception.

Hrn Fabric contributes to the state economy by exporting its products to many countries, especially the European Union countries.

Web: www.hrnfabric.com.tr

Phone: 0 (212) 503-8346

Address: Yakuplu Mh. Birlik Cd. Доверие Ишани No: 2 D: 3 Стамбул / ТУРЦИЯ
Lami Tekstil
Serving a wide range of textile market, Lami Textile has become a leading
manufacturer of quality sublimation heat transfer printing, digital printing
services and printed fabrics since 2001 based on experience and knowhow.
Lami Textile's objective is always to develop its skills and abilities to
become an innovative manufacturing company in order to fulfill customers'
requests on demand.

Today Lami Textile has reached 2 million meters of digital printing capacity
per year at the 3,000 sqm production facility.

Along with 25 years of experience on conventional transfer paper printing,
Lami Textile has also been using the latest digital printing technology,
design software programs over recent years and combined creativity and
technology to produce increasingly innovative solutions which meet the needs
of textile market.

Web: www.lamitextile.com

Phone: +90 212 481 48 56

Address: Maltepe Mah. Davutpasa Cad. Yildiz Sk. No:4/1 ISTANBUL / TURKEY
Örküm Tekstil
We started producing fabrics in 1986 with only six knitting machines. Today, thanks to our sustained investments into machinery over the years, our company has become a colossal integrated plant which consists of five separate factories that specialize on knitting, dyeing, printing, digital printing and yarn dyeing. As one of Turkey and Europe's biggest producers, Örkum Tekstil serves leading global brands in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

Web: www.orkumtekstil.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 886 60 65

Address: Akçaburgaz Mah. 3047. Sok. No:5 34522 Esenyurt / Istanbul
Pena Tekstil
Pena Fabric is open to new developments and with its management policy that improves this process, it focuses on customer satisfaction, provides the most appropriate, highest quality and fastest service. To be a pioneer in the market by serving both domestic and abroad in line with market trends.

To develop itself at the dizzying pace of innovations with the changing world and to make positive improvements in the competitive conditions that have become global, and to realize the respect for nature and human beings while protecting them, and to be a pioneer for other companies.

Web: http://penatekstil.com/

Phone: +90212 452 7362

Address: Yenibosna Merkez Mah. Hafız Burhan Sk. Atlas Konakları Sit.

Acting in order to respond to high competition conditions and to meet the needs of its customers in the most accurate way, the structure continues its production under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.

As a result of modernization investments developed in line with operational excellence and sustainable growth strategies, it increases its capacity every year.

Web: www.zteks.com.tr

Phone: +90(212) 231 78 89

Address: Nakiye Elgun Sok. No:1 Osmanbey / Istanbul / TURKEY
Elissa Stampa
Elissa Stampa with its innovative, productive design team is pursuing the goal of perfection through trendy fabrics and patterns with its powerful textile technologies.

Our outstanding qualities at variable options of fabric, fast production abilities, competitive price policies and fast presentations are what makes us unique in the sector.

We also stand out in the international market through our exceptional printing and fabric qualities and expertise. Our quality assurance system that is applied in every process of production is what makes our company well known as a trusted producer.

Web: www.elissastampa.com.tr

Phone: +90 (212) 553 46 70-72

Address: Sanayi Mah. Sancaklı Cad. İmar Sk. Kale İş Mrk. 7/B No:8 Güngören/İSTANBUL
Enes Örme
ENES ORME SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI is proud to serve our valued customers in the field of knitted fabrics with a capacity of 500 tons. and continues to produce in a wide area.

Our goal, without jeopardizing our quality, good commercial ethics, is to move our company into the future, grow in accordance with this market and market needs, leave jobs that we can be proud of for future generations.

Web: http://www.enesorme.com

Phone: +90 (212) 485 10 40

Address: Çobançeşme Mah. Gonca 2 sok. Karaca İş Sitesi No:10/Z4
Hakcan Tekstil
Hakcan Tekstil entered the textile sector with the sale of yarn in 1989 and added the fabric manufacturing to its structure in 1996 with the knowledge gained from its yarn experience. The company specializes in polyester fabric; Raşel warp knitting fabric with a capacity of 400 tons per month in Kıraç, İstanbul. Mostly polyester fabric & raschel fabric by producing the widest variety of fabrics, the latest machinery and the most friendly service; using all the tools of customer service management. Thanks to the diversity in the production line, it is able to manufacture fabrics used in different production branches such as sportswear, men's / women's clothing, upholstery, curtains, flags, shoes at the same time.

Web: www.hakcantekstil.com

Phone: +90(212) 689 15 91

Yağlıca Tekstil
Our company was established by Süleyman Yağlıca in 1971 as Yağlıca Trade and since 1992 Yağlıca Tekstil ve San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. is being operated by a member of the Board of Directors Halil Yağlıca as an importer and exporter of woven fabric in Turkey.

Our company is customer oriented and aims to provide the best fabric to the customer in the shortest time with the best service. Yağlıca Textile manufactures fabrics of various compositions and colors that the customers demand.

Web: https://yaglicatarim.com/

Phone: 0212 664 1064

Address: Vakıf Mahallesi Aşağı Sokak No:70, No:70/A, No:70/B, No:70/C, No:70/D TAVAS / DENİZLİ
Ecem Kumaş
Ecem Etiket, which is one of the leading label producers in Turkey, was established in Rami, Istanbul in 1991. Since that time, our goal has always been to provide the best quality products in the shortest possible time for our esteemed customers. With our experience in the sector, we have constantly upgraded and expanded our facilities to utilise the latest machinery and technology. We produce all sorts of labels and promotional goods, and are proud to be one of the market leaders in Turkey. Ecem Etiket's production is divided into five parts: woven labels, leather labels, printed labels, plastic labels and fabric labels. We create labels which are individually designed to meet the requirements of our domestic and foreign customers, to whom we offer a the cheapest prices, highest quality and fastest production available.

Web: www.ecemetiket.net

Phone: +90 (212) 501 32 46

Arguvan Tekstil
Arguvan Tekstil is established in 2007 to make digital print on polyester. We always update our design collection. Also we produce and sell some qualities like organze, taffeta, satin, devore. Our printing capacity is 2000 mt per day but we can increase it. We export our fabrics mostly to Europe.

Web: www.arguvantekstil.net

Phone: +90 212 296 7139

Address: Halaskargazi Mah. Şaak Sokak No. 62/B Osmanbey/Şişli İstanbul PK:34371
Törem Tekstil
Torem was founded in 1986 as a fabric vender. In 2009 Torem Launched it's own manufacturing and started with digital printing and designing in it's own design office.

In 2011 Torem started to produce it's own dying and rotation printing. In 2015 Torem started to produce it's own fabrics as circular knitting, Weaving and Raschel knitting on 5000 meter square production area.

Torem Textile company who has one of the largest manufacturing range in women and GOTS certificated organic baby wear. As Torem company we follows latest fashion and styles with our own designs.

Web: www.toremtextile.com

Phone: +90 212 296 7139

Address: Halaskargazi Mah. Şaak Sokak No. 62/B Osmanbey/Şişli İstanbul PK:34371
Tebesa Printing factory founded in 2010 within Yelkovan Grup and directing with a profesional management team. We are producing our own collection with our design team. We have 4 Mimaki-TS500 and 17 Mimaki-JV5 in our digital print department. And also all other finishing facilities which allows us to produce aprx 550.000 mts/month

Web: www.tebesa.com.tr

Phone: +90 224 261 07 35

Address: Panayır Mh. Derman Cd. No:255 16250
Doğuş Tekstil
Dogus textile enterprises industry and trade Inc. Inc. since its establishment, each term possible that combines business and product efficiency at the highest level of quality at the highest level strategy: relevance, effectiveness, profitability and sustainable development is a basic principle. In 1975, the first while loop that is created each semester for many years, this basic idea was implemented As a result, doğuş years in textile production, the product and the market dynamism in youth and leadership continues.Contrary to what you may think at the current point in the textile industry, cheap labor, and an industry that relies on abundant raw materials. Textile production units for investment and high-tech and long-term creating global strategies for established businesses has become.

Web: www.dogustekstil.com

Phone: +90 216 651 75 75

Address: Kısıklı Street One Ak Бизнес-центр №: 3 Этаж: 3 D: 10 34662 Алтунизаде-Стамбул / Турция
We are exporting out products and designs all over the world with experience of more than 30 years and a staff of more than sixty smiling employees

We understand the language of design and fabric very well. We are after visionary, unique designs befitting the fabric

But tradition for us is renewing the future and following an understanding which never compromises quality and always invests in the latest technologies.

We have the expertise to apply printing on synthetic fiber fabrics such as polyester and natural fiber fabrics such as viscose cotton by using the up to date printing technologies.

Web: www.etico.com.tr

Phone: +90 (212) 241 41 74

Address: Feriköy Mh. Fırın Sk. No: 38/A
Ardem Tekstil started its activities in 1963 under the name of Bayram Erdem İpekli Dokuma.

In 2015, by adding its digital printing track to its production sector; production related to printing. She is preparing digital collections for various qualities such as cotton, cotton lycra, cotton polyester, cotton polyester lycra, polyester, polyester lycra. In addition, it also prepares special collections according to the customers' markets.

Ardem Textile, which is specialized in the field since its establishment until the present day, presents its products to the leading brands of the ready-to-wear sector.

Web: ardemtekstil.com

Phone: +90 224 363 83 72

Address: Anadolu Mahallesi Akgün Sokak No:15/1 Yıldırım/Bursa
Begining its' first production as a wallpaper manufacturer in a 450 mt2 workshop, Flokser today is a manufacturer and an exporter of technical leather, fabric and polyurethane raw materials and one of the 500 biggest industrial enterprises of Turkey with its' companies in textile and chemistry industry.

Flokser Textile is providing service in many sectors such as upholstery, dressing, shoes, bags, automotive, contract, carpet and wallpaper. With its' production centers and machine park equipped with advanced technology it has a modern and innovative integrated facility.

As for Flokser Chemistry being Turkey's leading polyurethane system center that provides solutions in building, slipper and sole, furniture, automotive, adhesives, white goods and isolation sectors with its' polyurethane, polyurea and polyester products.

With its' Ministerial approved R&D center, in every year Flokser continues to invest in research and development studies and making a difference in its' fields of activities with its' product quality, high production capacity and innovative approach.

Web: www.flokser.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 866 49 00

Address: Hadımkoy Mah. Urguplu Cad. No:7 34555 Arnavutkoy Istanbul Turkey
CRT Tekstil
We established at 1906 at Denizli / Buldan by Hacı Halil Aga. As a textiler with capability of production and trade. Afterwards at 1938 our company grows very fast under management of Osman Cerit and Arif Cerit by advantages of being a wholesaler at Sultanhamam / İstanbul. Company become a well known brand at Sultanhamam / Mahmutpaşa Street which is fashion district of its time. With thirth generation at 1955 Güngör Cerit and İbrahim Cerit who are sons of Osman Cerit become managing partner of company. New generation comes with new ideas and started working with big apparel manufacturers.

Web: www.crttekstil.com

Phone: +90 (212) 230 05 07

Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Rumeli Caddesi, Nakiye Elgün Sk. 14/a ISTANBUL / Şisli
Fersan Tekstil
Established in 1982 and growing constantly since then Fersan tekstil is draws the attentions with its firm profile profile through constant renovation to adopt the requirements. Fersan Tekstil produce 100% polyester knitted fabric with its 750 tons of monthly average capacity through its 180 knitting machines set up in the closed area of 25,000 square meters.

Fersan Tekstil produced its products according to the specifications of its clients as raw, dyed or printed, all of which in the highest quality and delivers them swiftly. Caring to each phase of production separately, Fersan Tekstil established the "Dyeing and Finishing factory" in 2001 to reduce our external dependence and to conduct reliable and healthy product and dyeing works.

Web: http://fersantekstil.com/

Phone: +90 (0212) 875 43 13

Address: Bakırcılar Sanayi Sitesi Mustafa Kurdoğlu Caddesi No:24 Beylikdüzü / İSTANBUL
Real Transport
Since 2003, we have been operating in the transportation-logistics sector and since 2009 until today, we have been rendering service under the trademark of REAL TRANSPORT.

We are carrying out complete and partial transportation activities between Turkey and Russia and rendering customs clearance services in Russia. Although road transport is our main field of activity, we provide container, wagon and air transportation services in line with our customers' demands, and we carry out the delivery of goods in Russia with completed customs procedures.

Web: https://real-transport.com/

Phone: +90 212 470 30 73 / +90 212 470 30 74

Address: Yenibosna Merkez Mah.29 Ekim Cad.İstanbul Vizyon Park Ofis Plazaları 3.Plaza
Within the experience we have gained from the past We continue to walk by confident steps in our journey with our original and quality production approach.

We export our woven and knitted fabrics which we produce with the most special yarns to many countries of the world. Our greatest passion is to deliver our designs to every country in the world.

Every new season, we bring together our designs with some great excitement. In addition those some of are hand made. We have a story that we started by imagining the most original designs on women's fantasy and children's fabric.

Web: www.sonasya.com

Phone: +90 224 261 25 42

Address: Dosab.1.Nilüfer Sok. Çekirge Sanayi Sitesi No: 9/ 10 Osmangazi/BURSA
Akçam Tekstil
Akçam is a young and dynamic company established in 2005 by redefining the role of knitted fabric in knitted textile sector and transforming its professional experience from the past into a modern, innovative, pioneering and competitive workforce organization.

Since our establishment, our customers' trust in our work, innovative and creative solutions to the needs of a real business partner with the understanding of our growing success has allowed us to move to greater goals.

Web: www.akcamtekstil.com.tr

Phone: +90 0212 422 50 90

Address: Beysan San.Sit.Dereboyu Cad.No:19/A Beylikdüzü / İstanbul
Doruk Tekstil
Our company, which has been operating as of 2009, is to provide lasting superiority by creating differences in the field of weaving, jacquard and 100% cotton embroidery and fabrics in the manufacturing sector with its service and product quality, keeping our customers, employees, investors and quality in the foreground. Our company, which has reached its contemporary structure by adapting to the competitive conditions with its ability to perceive customer expectations in every period, is a major element of growth and development through innovation for both the company and the country. We make two main collections per year with new trends for Spring / Summer – Autumn / Winter. We are working on color scales and fabric developments and themes that enable us to offer a collection that makes a difference to our customers.

Web: http://doruktekstil.org/

Phone: +90 212 219 20 24

Address: Rumeli Cad. Nakiye Elgün sk.No: 7/A Şişli / İstanbul
Çağlayan Tekstil
Our company with 20 years experience in the textile market plays a big role with customer satisfaction. All kinds of fabric analysis is performed in the large machine park, jacquard is in the foreground and double plate and single plate are important in textile sector besides the quality of service with its young dynamic staff.

Web: www.caglayantekstil.com.tr

Phone: +90 (212) 699 39 00

Address: Atatürk Mahallesi Adnan Menderes Caddesi No:17 ISTANBUL / Esenyurt
Kayaoğlu Tekstil
Our company ,manufactures and sales which cruce ,painted ,priented and pleated knitted fabric , have more 20 years experience with expert colleque in both Turkey and owerseas.

In sector all kinds of innovations are carefullly monitored and our investments and improvements are carried out in this direction.

Satisfaction of customers are kept in the foreground inproduction. All kind of informations are give customer, from getting order to delivery, by sales responsible.

Web: http://kayaoglutekstil.com/orme-kumas/

Phone: +90 (224) 250 11 10

Address: DOSB Üçgül Sok. No: 1 BURSA
Espe Örme
Our company Ömürteks Tekstil was founded in 1972 in Istanbul.

Our company, attaching high importance to production, makes a great contribution to the Turkish economy with a high level of employment and high export volume.

Offering the best possible quality and innovative solutions without violating commercial common sense, we offer our customers high technology and creativity with a high-quality service concept.

Web: www.omurteks.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 503 55 95

Address: Cobancesme Mah. Mithatpasa Cad. Gonca Sok.Karaca Is Sitesi No: 14 Yenibosna-Istanbul
Aday Tekstil
Our company was founded in 1995. We opened our first store in 2011 after 16 years of experience. We produce high quality fabrics and a wide range of women's clothing fabrics.

Web: www.adaykumas.com

Phone: +90(212) 234 34 07

Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Rumeli Cad. No:96/A Şişli / İstanbul
Özüçel Tekstil
Our company was established in 1985 in Bursa. Our dyehouse, established on an area of 10,000 square meters, has been producing cotton, polyester, viscose and various fabrics for women and men since 1985. Today, the industry preferred a firm position to come across our company, ladies and gentlemen shirt fabric, ladies outerwear and baby are imported all kinds of raw materials can not be produced in the garment fabric ayrıcatürkiye, integrating our laboratory made efforts color, special paints and finishes each fabric is applied in domestic market and export.

Web: http://ozuceltekstil.com/

Phone: +90.224.261 22 24

Address: Demirtaş Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (DOSAB) Yıldız Sokak No: 13 Bursa TURKEY
Sergiteks, which was established in 1980, has become one of the leading brands in local and international markets, determining fashion in a short time by acting without compromising quality, trust and originality. Its development team, which closely follows industry trends, works with American and Italian design studios. Knitted, woven, jacquard and embroidery fabrics, which are made of natural and synthetic fibers, are produced in Sergiteks' quality. Rotation, digital and flock prints are produced. Sergiteks works with big brands that guide fashion in 30 different countries and is growing by developing its customer portfolio day by day.

Web: www.sergiteks.com

Phone: + 90 (212) 219 52 59

Address: cumhuriyet mh. Nakiye elgün SK. NO:12/A İSTANBUL / ŞİŞLİ
Bünyem Tekstil
Our family company has been established in 1961 and is operating in the Bursa Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, with Jacquard and dobby weaving looms on an 8000 m2 open and 5000m2 closed area.

Our company is exporting approximately 90% of its production to more than 35 countries and has become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our company is annually increasing its production capacity via investments, plain and fancy curtain fabrics are primarily produced in organza, taffeta, chenille and similar quality.

Web: www.bunyemtekstil.com

Телефон: +90 (224) 267-2600

Address: Alaşar Mahallesi Çalışkan Sok No:18 Бурса, Туриця
Karınca Tekstil
Karınca Textile has been established in 1974 at Sultanhamam by Hikmet ALTINÖZ. Our HQ has been at Osmanbey since 1994. Our Principles Enhance customer satisfaction. Producing fashion fabrics. Just on time production and delivery.With over 35 years of experience we are producing fashion with high quality and giving customer centered sales service.

Web: www.karincatekstil.com

Phone: +90 212 233 20 03

Address: Rumeli Caddesi Nakiye Elgün Sokak No:41/A Osmanbey / Стамбул, Турция
Dorleon Fabrics
Our company started its commercial life in 1935 in Eskişehir, the late Rahmi Yılmaz texting company named after him.

Over the years, the home textile industry in Eskişehir has been sold to retail and wholesale retail stores. This activity is still in the process. In 2005, in addition to the store in Bursa, Ramnur Textile was established with the name of a fully integrated facility with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million meters. This product began to be the most recent of all the world's most popular production of 99% of exports; It is.

Web: www.ramnurtextile.com

Phone: +90 224 211 73 27

Address: Barakfakih Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Ankara Caddesi No: 40 Kestel / BURSA
Factory has experience since 1940 and during that time has established itself as a reliable supplier and experienced manufacturer in the market. Marsala Textile Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of shirts and dress fabrics in Russia and throughout Europe. We always strive for the best. Our equipment is made using modern technologies and allows us to make better quality compared to other manufacturers. Our collection includes a lot of designs in different directions, which can be a great addition to your assortment. These are plain fabrics, stripes, cells, jacquards, prints and many other types of fabrics. Many companies, having once made a choice in our favor, become our regular customers. Among them are many large companies with world names.

This one, for example, ZARA, MANGO, BERSHKA, TOMMY HILFIGER RIVER ISLAND-NEXT – M & S-NEXT – and other major brands.

Web: www.marsalatextile.com

Phone: +90 (224) 502-0019

Address: OSB Turuncu Cad. 2.Sk № 3 16140 Nilüfer - БУРСА / ТУРЦИЯ
Yenitosun Tekstil
Yeni Tosun Tekstil was founded in 1959 as a weaving atelier in Bursa. Company continues its activities in under the name of 'Yeni Tosun Tekstil' in Bursa Nilüfer Industrial Zone.

Our company produces jacquard and dobby fabrics for fancy women clothing. Firm aims to constantly develop, renew and grow by pursuing and pioneering the market together with our customers.

Yeni Tosun Tekstil's management who has more than 50 years knowledgenand experience, advanced technological machine park with attaching importance to R&D and P&D to provide Yeni Tosun Tekstil as a prefferred company in the production of women clothing fabrics both domestic and international market.

Our company manufactures women's fabrics continuosly renewed and high technological jacquard and dobby weaving machines, with capacity of 500.000 mt producon per month.

Web: http://yenitosuntekstil.com.tr/

Phone: +90 224 411 1610

Address: DABPIKA Köknar Caddesi No: 32 NİLÜFER OSB Nilüfer / BURSA 16140
Various Types of knits, steel knits and prints. Knitted and woven suedes, lacoste knits, supreme knits, chiffon fabrics and prints. Voile fabrics and prints. Gabardine, velvet, cotton satin, Terry Cotton, Dacron, Poplin, Velboa, Jacquard, Poly-Viscose, Linen, Lining, Interlining and pining.

Web: www.mgteks.com

Phone: +90 (0212) 222 55 62

Address: Halide Edip Adıvar Mahallesi Balcı Sok No: 28 / A Шишли / Стамбул
Mirage Line
Established in 2014, our company is the main dealer of Oguz Textile. Our company, known as Mirage Line Tekstil in Turkey, makes sales with our registered trademark Mazaka. We produce our own patterns in women's fashion with our polyester, viscose and Lycra blended woven fabrics. We serve with high quality products for school and fancy uniform with high quality fabric types.

Web: www.mazakatekstil.com

Phone: +90 (212) 232 30 42

Address: Abide-i Hürriyet Cad. İzzetpaşa Sk. Ayhan İş Merkezi No: 14/4
Gayret Tekstil
Our Company produce male and female fabric that established in 1978 at Sultanhamam, İstanbul. Our Factory based in Bursa and the main Office is in İstanbul. The fabric we produce in our factory that we export to many countries. Our main products are cotton polyester, polyester viscose, cotton lycra, polyester lycra, blended linen, blended wool, %100 viscone.

Our company produce and export fabrics that could be used for producing men suits, pant, jacket, coat and female pant, coat, jacket .

Web: www.gayretkumas.com

Phone: +90(212)637 15 58

Address: Oruç Reis Mah.Giyimkent sitesi 18.Sk.No:136 Esenler/İstanbul
Nelko Tekstil
NELKO textile, which entered the sector with jacquard and dobby woven fabric production, their 50% of the fabrics produced within the structure of NELKO Tekstil are sold to foreign markets and 50% is sold to export oriented apparel companies. NELKO Textile carries out activities to increase its market share with the participation of international exhibitions. Weaving Department, which produces fabrics mainly for women's upper and lower garments, also has a deep knowledge and experience in the production of elastic trousers and shirts. We produce fabrics with cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester acrylic, lyocel, linen, silk and elastic yarns and offers a wide range of products to the fashion world.

Web: www.nelkotextile.com

Phone: +90 224 371 54 45

Address: Nelko Textile San. ve Tic.Ltd. Şti. Dosab dumlupınar mh. Fesleğen sok. No.6/1 Osmangazi/Bursa
Migiboy Tekstil is a textile company with approximately 750 staff. We produce all kinds of knitted and woven fabrics and contribute to the national economy and exporting to various countries. As Migiboy Tekstil, we are among the leading companies in the Turkish textile sector with our experience of more than 40 years and continue to grow with increasing investments in Construction, Energy and Hotel Management sectors.

Web: http://www.migiboy.com/

Phone: + 90 533 200 22 99

Address: Mehmet Nesihi Özmen Mah. Fatih Cad. Selvi Sok. No:7 / 1 Merter – Güngören / İSTANBUL
Varoğlu Kardeşler
Varoğlu Kardeşler Textile produces male female dress fabric with cutting edge weaving and knitting machines. It has been a pioneer in men and women clothing sector with its flexible structure and unique fabrics and proved its reliability by working with many trademarks. Our firm increases its more investments everyday in order to meet requirements of developing textile sector.

Web: www.varoglukardesler.com

Phone: +90(224) 215 72 96-97

Address: Kestel 2. Sanayi Bölgesi Ahmet Vefik Paşa Mh. Hünkar Cd. No:7/1 Kestel / BURSA
Öztay Tekstil
Oztayteks Textile Fabrics was established in 2008. From its very beginning, it has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its quality, reliable and wide range of products at the same time. The young dynamic team, which keeps close to fashion and trends at world famous fairs, continues its commercial life with the first day excitement today with increasing production capacity every year.

Oztayteks is exporting fabrics to all over the world and works with leading companies that are leading fashion. As far as we are in our country, we are proud to be the pioneer of renewing abroad. As it grows and renews day by day, it works with a certain principle in order to deliver the best quality and the best quality to its customers.

Web: www.oztayteks.com

Phone: + 90 0212 233 32 33

Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Rumeli Cd. No: 94/A Osmanbey / İstanbul
Isiksoy Textile started its business in 1954 and is now one of Turkey's leading integrated textile companies. With its production facilities spread over 60,000 square meters, its wide range of outerwear for men and women and its production of the S.E.M yarn brand, Isiksoy has become a company of choice in the textile sector.

In order to meet the competitive conditions caused by the changing needs of the customer and to better meet the needs of the latter, all work is carried out under the ISO 9001: 2013 quality management system and the ISO 27001: 2013 information security management system.

Isıksoy does not focus on satisfying the market's needs only. It is a leading company that orients the textile sector by means of its R&D activities.

Web: www.isiksoytekstil.com.tr

Phone: +90 224 261 17 41 - 42

Address: Demirtaş Dumlupınar Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Mahallesi, Ali Osman Sönmez Caddesi No:20 16369 BURSA/TÜRKİYE
ER-EZ Group
Er & Ez Group began manufacturing in the textile sector in 2013. Er & Ez Group produces women's clothing (trousers, dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets, etc. Selling raw and finished fabrics, the monthly sales of the company are 5-6 million meters. We use 100% cotton, viscose, polyester, domed , tencel, polyamide and nylon product groups New products are created by our professional team for a mixture of the listed products.

Web: http://er-eztextile.com/

Phone: +90 224 372 23 36-37

Address: Erez Dokuma Kumaş Tekstil San.ve Tic.LtD.Şti. DOSAB Mine Sok. No:16 Osmangazi BURSA 16245

Turkey, Bursa, Osmangazi Business Center "Buttim" Block "B", 4th floor, office 424/5 - 4097