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Avrupa Pasifik
Avrupa Pasifik Tekstil, founded in 2000, is one of the leading printing factories located in city of Bursa, the capital of Turkish Textiles, serving both domestic and international customers all over the world. The \core idea is being able to print conventionally & digitally & dye all possible demands of the customers on seasonally changing selective, dynamic printing grounds, both knitted and wovens. Our fabrics vary from 20 gr/mt2 lightweight silks to 400 gr/mt2 heavy weight knitted fabrics, as well as cottons, polyamids, polyesters, recycle polyesters, rayons, eco vıscose, linens and their blends plain, dobby woven and jacquards. Also, Swimwear fabrics for Men & Women and Printed & Dyed beach Towels.

Web: www.avrupapasifik.com.tr

Phone: +90 224 261 6269

Address: Demirtaş Dumlupınar OSB Mah. İstanbul Cad. (Sönmez Tesisleri İçi) No:554/3 Osmangazi /BURSA TURKEY
Ardem Tekstil started its activities in 1963 under the name of Bayram Erdem İpekli Dokuma.

In 2015, by adding its digital printing track to its production sector; production related to printing. She is preparing digital collections for various qualities such as cotton, cotton lycra, cotton polyester, cotton polyester lycra, polyester, polyester lycra. In addition, it also prepares special collections according to the customers' markets.

Ardem Textile, which is specialized in the field since its establishment until the present day, presents its products to the leading brands of the ready-to-wear sector.

Web: ardemtekstil.com

Phone: +90 224 363 83 72

Address: Anadolu Mahallesi Akgün Sokak No:15/1 Yıldırım/Bursa
Aday Tekstil
Our company was founded in 1995. We opened our first store in 2011 after 16 years of experience. We produce high quality fabrics and a wide range of women's clothing fabrics.

Web: www.adaykumas.com

Phone: +90(212) 234 34 07

Adress: Cumhuriyet Mah. Rumeli Cad. No:96/A Şişli / İstanbul
Arı tekstil
Established in 1987 in İstanbul and with the foundations laid in a store of 20 m2, Arı Tekstil started to sell knitted fabrics in Zeytinburnu in 1996. Continuing its operations there, it established its own dyeing house , knitting house and printing in a facility of 38,500 m2 of total area, 22,000 m2 of which being closed area, in Cerkezkoy organized Industry Zone in 2004, and has been continuing its operations with the fabric dyeing capacity of 25,000 kg. There are 2 sales stores in istanbul and over 1 hundred kinds of knitted fabrics with an area of 5.000 m2. Some of the fabric types we have ready with their colors are as follows: Cotton Jersey – futter – fleece – interlock – kaşkorse – rib – viscose varieties and many more various fabrics are readily available

Adres: Telsiz Mah. Seyitnizam Cad. No:206/A - Zeytinburnu / İstanbul
Şube : Telsiz Mah. İmdat Toraman Cad. No:4 – Zeytinburnu / istanbul
Fabrika : Çerkezköy Org. San. Böl. Gaziosmanpaşa Mah. 2.Cad. No:10 – Çerkezköy / Tekirdağ

Tel: +90 212 546 50 57

Website: www.aritekstil.com.tr
Textile journey of Ayteks Kumaş started 10 years ago.Within a Very short time, a rapid development was achieved and the integrated production concept was put into practice in fabric weaving. Ayteks Kumaş is a fast improving and innovative company with 1.200 million meters of production capacity annually. With modernist mentality and ecofriendly approach, Ayteks Kumaş produces fabrics for male garment industry and aims to export 60 % of its products in 2023. Company continues working without compromising the principles it has determine; Ayteks Kumas weaving products preferred both in our country and in many countries around the world. Contributing to the economy of our country by making investments and providing employment, Ayteks Kumaş continues to increase its investments.

M.Nesih Özmen mah. Savaş Cad. Limon sk. No:17/C GÜNGÖREN / İSTANBUL

Tel: 0212 481 58 83-88

Web: www.aytekskumas.com.tr

Antik Dantel
Established in 1995, we are lace & experienced embroidery manufacturer and exporter with a high-tech manufacturing facility.

Our company offers innovative, flexible and fast solutions to both Turkish and foreign garment manufacturers.

Our goal is to transform natural beauty into an elegant art in lace and rachel fabric/knitting with its experienced, creative and educated staff, technological infrastructure and customer-oriented sales organization.

We continue to offer quality with style & our workforce of more than 300, with our 32.000 m2 open and 12.000 m2 closed production area.

In our production facility which located in Çorlu/Tekirdağ/TURKEY, there are new generation Karl Mayer machines with an annual production capacity of 50 million meters.

Adres: Çakmaklı Mah. Hasat Sok. No: 30 Büyükçekmece – İstanbul / Turkey

Tel: +90 212 422 16 83

Web: www.antikdantel.com.tr

Aycan Tekstil
Our company has been established in the textile industry since 1972 with the aim of provinding high quality services for both domestic and global market.

We carry on our 25 ton/day knitted fabrics manufacturing and dying at our premises with closed area of 20 thousand square meters, located on 30 thousand square meters, which is the possession of our firm at Velimeşe village in Çorlu-Tekirdağ. Our company has been reached the optimal level with the integration of the 10 ton/day capacity yarn dying system and continue to improve itself by keeping up innovations.

Address: Seyitnizam Mh. Seyitnizam Cd.No:51/6C Akevler Sit. AK-6 Blok Sokak No:16 34015 Zeytinburnu/İSTANBUL

Phone: +90 212 416 24 24

Web: aycantekstil.com
Ada Denim Kumaş
Ada Denim is a progressive company founded in 2005 to deliver an innovative approach to the textile industry.

Our goal is to provide continuous change and leading-edge fabric developments that promote sustainable growth both for our planet and community.

Ada Denim is equipped with yarn-dyed, ready-to-dye, reactive-dyed, sulfur-dyed, indigo piece-dyed, printed, and coated fabrics. We launch two main collections per year and develop tailor-made capsule collections upon request.

Our average monthly sales figure is 500.000 mt, essentially distributed in Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy.

Ada Denim is under the same creative umbrella as Süzer Textile, with over 45 years of experience in the textile industry and monthly 3.000.000 meters of greige fabric production capacity, one of the largest non-denim production facilities in Turkey.

Ada Denim provides certifications such as Better Cotton Initiative, Global Organic Textile Standard, Organic Content Standard, Recycled Claim Standard and OEKO-TEX® as well as membership to SAC HIGG Index.

Address: M.Nesih Özmen mah. Fatih cd. Akçay sk.Besa İş Mrk. No: 12/2 Merter/Güngören/İSTANBUL 34173 TURKİYE

Phone: +90 212 637 27 04 +90 212 504 04 20 – 21

Web: www.adadenim.com
Atak textile
Atak Textile Company is a cotton knitted fabric manufacturer located in Gaziantep/TURKEY. Atak Textile serves to fabric wholesalers and garment manufacturers all over the world, with its high quality and fast service.

Atak Textile, aims to supply best prices and highest quality in order to support its partners to compete in their markets. To do that, Atak Textile sources the raw materials with very good prices for its production, therefore reduces the cost of the Fabric notably.

Knitting Capacity: 25 TONS/DAILY
Dyeing Capacity: 25 TONS/ DAILY


1. Single jersey, Full Lycra Single Jersey
2. Pique (Double Pique, Single Pique, American Pique, F.Lycra Single Pique)
3. Interlock
4. 1x1 Rib, 2x1 Rib, Reported Rib, Rib with Lycra, Full Lycra Rib
5. French Terry, Full Lycra French Terry
6. Fleece


A. COTTON YARN: %100 Oe Cotton, Oe Cotton/Pes, %100 Carded Cotton, %100 Combed Cotton, Combed Cotton/Pes, %100 Vorteks Cotton, Vorteks Cotton/Pes, Viscose yarns

B. LYCRA: 20 Denier, 30 denier, 40 Denier and 70 Denier
C. PES: 70 Denier, 100 Denier, 150 Denier

· FINISHING: Thermofixing, Single Dyeing, Double Dyeing, Enzyme treatment, Silicon softening, Sanforizing, Brushing, Peach effect, Shearing etc.

· COLOURS: Melanges, Bleached, Dyed; ATAK TEXTILE colour chart, PANTONE colours etc.

Address: 4. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi OFM Karşısı Gaziler Mahallesi Yavuzeli Yolu Cad. No: 78/A Şehitkâmil/Gaziantep/TÜRKİYE

Phone: (+90.342) 321 25 48

Web: www.ataktextile.com
Aydın Örme
Aslan makina tekstil
Aksanlar örme

Aksanlar Textile; It was established in 1998 as a family company in Istanbul. The company, whose main field of activity is on the production of baby and children's clothing, grows by adapting to the technology of the developing age, and increases its quality production capacity as Toontoy Kids brand. Unique products that have won the admiration of consumers with their experience of more than 21 years in the sector and innovative perspective, by proudly presenting the "Made in Turkey" quality and trust to the whole world by making a name for itself with the brand Toontoy Kids, which is in a respectable position in domestic and international markets. , European countries, in many markets such as the Turkic Republics is getting stronger day by day and increasing its awareness. Toontoy Kids; An exemplary and leading institution in the sector with its innovative, researcher and developer management policy in line with the communication strategy of the "Toontoy Kids" brand in advertising campaigns and launches in the international market, customer satisfaction oriented, stable, high quality, fast production and service in line with the changing demands and demands in the international market. carries out its work.

The head office of the company is in Istanbul, where the basic processes related to the preparation of the collection, model drawing and design are carried out during the planning and design phase. The fabric production factory, which is the main field of activity of Aksanlar Tekstil, is also located in Istanbul Bağcılar. The production, with an average monthly production capacity of over 100 tons, is carried out with special machines on state-of-the-art production lines, using raw materials and dyes that are completely harmless to human health.

0-14 years; the needs of infants and children; The factory of the company, which combines styles and designs within the scope of current fashion concepts, with traditional handcraft sensitivity and advanced technology equipment, by offering healthy, high quality and reliable solutions, is established on an area of 20,000 m2 in Kırklareli Vize; With its current state-of-the-art computerized embroidery machines, laser cutting machines, iron-packing system, it has an average production volume of over 10,000 pieces per day.

At the same time, the products meet the buyers through the 7-storey sales store in Istanbul Zeytinburnu, as well as the online sales store and other virtual markets. In this context, consumer health is taken into account at every stage of production without exception, and the best quality, healthy and reliable fabrics are offered to valuable buyers at all times, with a complete quality control network. The company's goal is; To prepare models suitable for today's conditions, to offer quality and healthy products cheaply and to provide the highest quality service with its growing production depending on the developing market.

Tooontoy Kids Collection continues its activities by closely following the global developments in the textile sector, in an effort to renew itself and to offer the best without losing the excitement of the day it was founded.

ADDRESS: Merkez mah. Güngören Cad. 726. Sk. No:10/11 Bağcılar/İSTANBUL

PHONE: (0212) 415 26 02 - 435 03 35

WEB: aksanlarorme.com
Bekos Textile
Bekos Textile was established in Istanbul in 2019. Our products consist of various yarns and twisted yarns. Our company continues its production for exporter customers who produce for more than 20 countries, mainly Spain, Morocco, Russia, Israel, Romania, England, and brands in the domestic market.

Our fabric types; Chanel, thick fayn, velvet, jersey, interlock, rib, camisole, jersey, ottoman, towel, double face, towel, mini jacquard, electronic jacquard, ottoman, rashel, all kinds of fancy fabrics can be made.

Bekos Textile, with its rich and high quality product range, produces both for Turkish export customers and also exports to abroad.

Some of our main customers are H&M, Inditex Group, Marks & Spencer, Next, George, Top Shop, Aosis, Asos, Mayoral, Matalan, El Carte, Tesco, Christian Dior, Knits, Lpp, Lcw, Newlook

Mission of our company;

To present new fashion special fabrics to our customers with high quality and acceptable prices with the fastest delivery time.

Our slogan: "GAME CHANGER"

Beylikdüzü Osb Mahallesi Hürriyet Bulvarı No: 14 Beylikdüzü/ İstanbul 34524

+90 212 853 51 24 05

Web: www.bekostextile.com
Burcu Tekstil
As Burcu Örme, we set out in 1996 to meet all kinds of textile needs of our valued customers. Since the day we were founded, our biggest goal is to offer you the textile products we need. In this way, we have adopted the principle of working with customer satisfaction by giving you the products you need. Thanks to the continuity of the high quality we offer to our customers, we have taken our place among the most preferred textile companies. Our biggest goal in all of our production processes is to offer our valued customers the highest quality at the most affordable price. The combination of our 23 years of experience in this sector with our high quality and reasonable price policy has enabled us to move forward.

Adres: Seyitnizam Cad. Akevler Sitesi C/1 Blok No:51/5D Zeytiburnu / İSTANBUL

Tel: +90 212 679 62 26 - +90 212 679 62 36

Web: burcuorme.com
Bünyem Tekstil
Our family company has been established in 1961 and is operating in the Bursa Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, with Jacquard and dobby weaving looms on an 8000 m2 open and 5000m2 closed area.

Our company is exporting approximately 90% of its production to more than 35 countries and has become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our company is annually increasing its production capacity via investments, plain and fancy curtain fabrics are primarily produced in organza, taffeta, chenille and similar quality.

Web: www.bunyemtekstil.com

Phone: +90 (224) 267-2600

Address: Alaşar Mahallesi Çalışkan Sok No:18 BURSA/ TÜRKİYE
Behateks, serving in textile industry since 2010, was founded by Ismail Karaahmetoglu who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Behateks is also a family company of the Karaahmet Family who have been known for half a century by their reliability and honesty.

Aiming to provide its customers with the best quality of service via its highly professional staff, Behateks follows the latest trends in the world and supplies fabric for ready-to-wear clothing companies that specialize in men's fashion.

While keeping continuous improvement and innovation in the foreground, Behateks' mission to be a well-known and preferred industry leader in the future supports the company vision.

Behateks values speed, flexibility and teamwork during production process while ensuring its customers actively participate in its collections.

Behateks, as a solution partner for quality-oriented innovative companies in textile industry, keeps progressing to be a pioneer in the industry while creating competition in international market.

Address: Mehmet Nezih Özmen Mh. Savaş Cd. Liman Sk. No: 15 Merter / Güngören / İstanbul

Tel: +90 212 233 53 08

Web: www.behateks.com

Biradlı suni deri & kumaş
The company was founded by İbrahim Biradlı in 1998.

BIRADLI artificial leather fabric company aims to offer our quality imported and local artificial leather fabrics to you, valuable manufacturers and importers, from bags to shoes, from accessories to clothing fabrics and in many different fields. We have a vision to keep up with the changing and renewing fashion and trend of the sector and to increase the satisfaction of our customers. This vision of ours is increasing 1 times in a short time. We aim to make our leather fabrics the most attractive indispensable part of fashion by using our unlimited production, supply potential and extraordinary versatility in our business. Thanks to our extensive network of relations covering the international textile and fashion industries, we inspire our imported and local artificial leather fabrics to illuminate the indispensable parts of fashion. We look forward to presenting our exciting new collections to our valued customers, who want to benefit from the differences in our imported and local artificial leather fabrics.

We welcome you, our valuable producers, to our showroom in Merter.


Tel: +90 212.644.58.44

Web: www.biradliderikumas.com
B 10 Textile
With nearly 20 years of experience in production, quality control and marketing in the textile sector, we established B10 textile, which operates in the field of knitted fabrics, in 2021. B10 textile has become a sought-after company in a short time with its variety of fabrics, quality reliability and honesty. Our company has an understanding that makes quality-oriented production, does not lose control at every stage of production and checks the quality again to confirm when the product is ready.

B10 tekstil, which adopts the sensitivity and business Decency of our customers as its principle, expands its collection with R& D studies and produces special qualities for its customers. December Sunday with 2 main collections, b10 tekstil, which caters to the market throughout the year, is constantly releasing new qualities at different intervals.

Adress: Barbaros hayrettin Paşa Mah. 1993. Sok.No:22A/88 ESENYURT/ISTANBUL

Phone: 0 212 8036043

Web: b10textile.com

Bomonti digital
As the Bomonti Digital family, which has been providing quality and stable service in the textile sector since 2001. In order to respond to the needs of our sector. We started to digital printing in 2014. We have become one of the leading companies in the field in a very short time.

We continue to offer you accessible and satisfactory solutions with our full capacity and years of experience, with our printing and storage facilities that we have established on an area of 5000 square meters by making use of advanced technology.

Services: Fabric Shop / Pattern Gallery / Digital Printing Center

Sublimation Printing- Digital Printing- Transfer Printing- Flock Printing- Foil Printing- Sugar Printing (DTF)

ADRESS: Halide Edip Adıvar Mah. Tanyolu Sk. No 37, 34382 Bomonti, Şişli, İstanbul, Türkiye

PHONE: +90 212 210 00 56

Clotex Clothes textile
We choose a best cotton for threads we use our fabrics are weawing in most new branches our facilities are done by using Technologies of the new generation our fabrics are dyed by colors non-toxic for human we are choosing our cur colors accurately , pursuing orders of the day we are checking our fabrics carefully and meticulously we are producing the Word class products we are producing the Word class shirt fabrics product with our expert staff our expert staff 's available to cover the demands of the clients we are taking care even of smallest details. Hundred years experience in textile sphere, which is a profession of our grandfather 100 we have more than



CF Lojistik
Can ipek
RIDVAN AHMEDİN Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti

Our company was established by Rıdvan Ahmedin in 1986. And since this year, we have been serving our valued customers. We are expanding our collection with new patterns that we produce in seasons. We serve our customers with our professional staff for the new designs . In our factory, we produce dobby, satin, Oxford, chambray, diagonal, striped and checkered fabrics as cotton polyester products. We are one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to cotton polyester fabric.

ADDRESS:Telsiz Mah. Gül Sok. No 14/16 A Zeytinburnu / İstanbul

PHONE: 0090 212 482 68 67 - 482 68 33

WEB: www.canipek.com
Cemsa tekstil
Cemsa Textile is established in 2009 as textile fabrics exporter in Istanbul, Turkey. Now, it is focused on wholesale of textile fabrics to all around the world and have regular exports to European and Balkan Countries, Baltic States and Russia Federation.


In our production line, quality is our core value. We can customize knitted fabrics based on customer needs. We can produce almost all kind of knitted fabrics: Jersey, Heavy Jersey, Two Thread, Three Thread, Heavy Three Thread, Pique, Ottoman, Waffle, Interlock, Punto Milano, Camisole and knitted fabrics jacquard variations.


Cemsa Textile provides a wide range of services in printing technologies: Digital Reactive Printing, Pigment Printing and Transfer/Sublimation Printing. Our production capacity in Digital Reactive Printing is 500 meters/hour and we are able to print on natural fabrics like cotton, modal, bamboo, viscose, tencel, linen. We have in stock fabrics ready to print and production periods are not more than 10 days. By Transfer/sublimation printing we are able to print on synthetic/polyester fabrics. Min. order per design is between 50-100 meters.


Woman's Clothing
Men's clothing
Children and Baby clothes

Address: Maltepe Mah. Eski Cirpici Yolu Sk. Merter Meridyen Is Merkezi No:1/336, Zeytinburnu 34010, İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 481 6934,

Web: www.cemsatex.com www.cemsatextile.com
Chrome tekstil
Doruk Tekstil
Our company, which has been operating as of 2009, is to provide lasting superiority by creating differences in the field of weaving, jacquard and 100% cotton embroidery and fabrics in the manufacturing sector with its service and product quality, keeping our customers, employees, investors and quality in the foreground. Our company, which has reached its contemporary structure by adapting to the competitive conditions with its ability to perceive customer expectations in every period, is a major element of growth and development through innovation for both the company and the country. We make two main collections per year with new trends for Spring / Summer – Autumn / Winter. We are working on color scales and fabric developments and themes that enable us to offer a collection that makes a difference to our customers.

Web: http://doruktekstil.org/

Phone: +90 212 219 20 24

Adress: Rumeli Cad. Nakiye Elgün sk.No: 7/A Şişli / İstanbul
DLX Haseller Tekstil
The roots of Haseller dates back to 1979 as a local fabric supplier and Haseller was established in 2011, Istanbul as a family company. Hasellers' mission is not only selling fabric but also being a collection maker. Our unique designs are produced by using our partners capacity which is assigned only for Haseller.Missions:

-Producing updated strong collections
-Trying to get better in service
-Being environmentally friendly
In this frame, Haseller has had the certificates of GOTs, GRS, OCS, RCS, OEKOTEX Standard100, Lenzing.

Web: www.hasellertekstil

Phone: +90212-637 25 47

Dortrenk Textile
Dortrenk Textile is established with the experience of Furkan Offset Printing, which has 30 years of knowledge in various printing markets.

Meeting with Digital Technology in 2000, Furkan Offset Printing became one of pioneer companies in Turkey both in offset and digital printing.

We have high capacity production suitable for mid business (Polyester fabric 10.000 mt/day, Cotton and/or Viscone fabric 5.000 mt/day).

Our database has more than 5000+ fabric patterns/designs made by our designers, we are capable of printing your whole seasonal collections with living colors in high quality. Proof of concept sample printing and fast delivery to all countries both in sample and finished product takes us one step ahead of our competitors.

Specialized in women wear, kids wear and men shirts we have suitable prices compared to other fabric manufacturing and printing countries. When these are combined with our quality printing and fabrics, Dortrenk Textile exceeds all expectations.


0224 211 0404


DH Group
DH Group Textile, which is operating production and marketing of top clothing fabrics, is adopting customer satisfaction and high quality manufacturing as the most important elements in production process. The company comprises many fabric types from its own collection that design team prepares.

Also, Reseach&Development team is following customer demands and making production planning according to that. Our more than 2000 print design can be applied in any colour to the fabrics that our customers requests.

We are sharing the same vision and mission with our entegrated dyeing&printing&finishing facility, Cihangir Textile, and we both are aiming to minimise the manufacturing process to the lowest level.

Address: Kurtulus OSB Mah. Zeki Muren Cad. No:5 Gursu Bursa

Phone: 02243715191

Web: www.dhgroup.com.tr
Depar Deri
Depar Deri Plastic Industry and Trade Inc. It produces P.U. (Polyurethane), P.V.C (vinyl) coating, coagulated and flocked products used in Shoe, Slippers, Bags, Clothing, Upholstery - Auto Upholstery, Accessories and various accessories.

Since its establishment in 1981, it has constantly renewed itself in its ongoing production, and has undertaken a continuous locomotive task in its sector by aiming at balanced development in order to serve domestic and foreign markets.

Our artificial leather and artificial suede factory, which was established in 1981, 20 km from the city center of Istanbul, has constantly renewed itself in its ongoing production since that day, and has taken on the role of a constant locomotive in the market, aiming at balanced development in order to serve domestic and foreign markets.
Our company, which is dominated by high technology and develops its technology every day, is proud of having introduced coagulated artificial leather, which is the closest and realistic counterpart of genuine leather, to the Turkish market for the first time and working in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standards.
Our Research & Development department is one of our cornerstones that constantly introduces new technologies, develops new products, and responds to today's newest needs.
Depar Deri Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., always taking into account the constantly developing technology and the diversity of new demands. It proves its professionalism once again with its 2 fully equipped R&D laboratories.

Our company constantly monitors the physical and chemical properties of the products produced in the laboratory environment. The design of new products is done in a completely digital environment and when the necessary conditions are met, they are brought together with the customer.



PHONE: 0090 212 428 35 35 TELEFON

WEB: deparderi.com.tr
Efeks Tekstil
Our company, founded in 2002 for the purpose of marketing and selling knitted fabric, continues to operate in its Istanbul Güneşli office.

Efeks, an affiliated company of Embosan Emprime Boya San. Tic. Inc., meets its customers' demands in a swift and quality manner with the confidence and the advantage provided by producing goods in its own dyehouse. Embosan Inc., founded as a part and hand printing facility in 1974; in the following years, grew out of being a small facility into a great enterprise, later on into a factory, and has taken the place of being one of the leading contract manufacturers in the industry.

Our dyehouse, situated on a land covering 52,000m2 with 18,000m2 closed production area available, has a capacity of 30 tonnes / day fabric dyeing . Our dyehouse continues its production with the assurance of the quality standards of ISO 9001, OEKO-TEX,INDITEX A CLASS, GOTS,OCS,GRS,RCS . Efekstekstil Ltd. started its business in 2002 by selling fabric in domestic market, and started exporting in 2005.

Efekstekstil Ltd., in line with the requests from abroad, added garment products to its goods by producing end products and exporting them in 2007.Today Efekstextile has GOTS,OCS,GRS,RCS,BCI certifications and
continues to provide service by defining customer satisfaction as the most significant objective.


Tel.: (0212) 656 46 45

Web: www.efekstextile.com
Espe Örme
Our company Ömürteks Tekstil was founded in 1972 in Istanbul.

Our company, attaching high importance to production, makes a great contribution to the Turkish economy with a high level of employment and high export volume.

Offering the best possible quality and innovative solutions without violating commercial common sense, we offer our customers high technology and creativity with a high-quality service concept.

Web: www.omurteks.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 503 55 95

Adress: Cobancesme Mah. Mithatpasa Cad. Gonca Sok.Karaca Is Sitesi No: 14 Yenibosna-Istanbul
Etkin Textile
ETKİN KUMAŞÇILIK Textile was founded in 2003 at Bursa, which is well-known for textile, under the leaderships of Levent Yalaz and Bulent Yalaz. It has been working principle of customer satisfaction with a young, dynamic and excellent team. Our workforce strives to offer the best to the clients at all time. Since its inception, our services are provided by experienced professionals strictly within the client's specification and acclaimed for their reliability, efficiency and timely provision. Our commitment to ethics and quality has helped us stayahead in the market.


Phone: +90 224 215 64 51

Web: www.etkinkumascilik.com.tr
Egece Tekstil
Was established in 2018 with the aim of being sustainable, open to development, innovative, flexible and creative, based on 30 years of textile experience.

In line with the sustainability and transparency strategies that have gained importance in the textile and fashion industry in recent years, as EGECE TEKSTIL, we act with the principle of using more sustainable, traceable, environmentally friendly raw materials/products in all our supply and production processes, starting from the design stage.

t continues with firm steps towards becoming an innovative, researching, developing and developing company with the motto of "The only thing that does not change is change", especially with its experienced staff in environment-friendly Recycled (Recycle) fabrics and weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing, and its suppliers.

Address : Oruçreis MAH giyimkent 16.sok no 48 /A Esenler İstanbul

Phone : +9 0212 320 09 09

Web :

Established in Bursa in 1996, Elegant is a printing factory specialized in printing. It offers the fabrics produced with high quality standards to garments, wholesalers and store chains. With its professional structure, it serves the daily "pronto" fashion market and programmed export market. There is a dyehouse in the company to finish the fabric produced by sublimation and inkjet type printing machines. Elegant, which has always been a preferred brand with its quality, has focused on the satisfaction of its business partners with its experience. Elegant; It represents the highest technology achieved with its facility. In the past 20 years, it has managed to adapt to changing printing technologies and all developments. It has understood how sensitive fashion is to speed, flexibility, speed and quality, and reflected this on to its business partners. Elegant; differentiates from other printing companies in design. All designs are working as a business partner; It procures from Turkish, Italian, French and British studios.

Designers and variants working in the company finalize their designs with their own handwriting; The collections that renew themselves every year carry the handwriting specific to Elegant, which makes Elegant different from many competitors who do not have an artistic and technical approach. Elegant is aware of the importance of fast and high quality production. It has a design team that follows the trends, a technical team that constantly controls quality standards, high-tech printing and finish machines. Elegant's passion for her work and the discipline that supports it; It is highly praised by business partners. Continuity and high service quality are indispensable for Elegant. The company, which has managed to maintain the same service quality for 20 years, opens all its collections in Bursa and Istanbul Shrowrooms on the same dates every year. However, customer representatives and marketers is working intensely to fulfill its demands. Elegant serves with sublimation inkjet printing machines in a closed area of 4000 m², with its dyehouse that is integrated into production, pre-preparation and finish finishing. The company, which has adopted the digital printing method, provides its customers with fabrics in low quantities. In one of the most important textile centers in the world, Istanbul store; It serves the latest collections to domestic and foreign customers 6 days a week with updated and stock fabrics.
It is possible to reach the store in Osmanbey from every point of Istanbul.

Address: Organize sanayi bölgesi gri cad.no:5/A Nilüfer/BURSA

Tel: 0-224-2611725-26-29

Web: www.eleganttekstil.com
Ela tekstil
We Are Award-Winning in Fabric Production and Models

We offer a different service in the sector with the difference of weaving, dyeing and laboratory. By providing paint, storage, quality control, warranty and 24/7 support, we offer trouble-free and high quality service for your orders and products, from the very beginning to after sales.

All machinery and accessories used in our factory are the best and new models used in world standards. It has a production capacity of approximately 3-4 million meters of polyviscon and wool fabric per year.

In addition to being a well-known and reliable company in the country, Ela Tekstil has been operating in this sector for years and continues its activities in commercial cooperation on the international platform.

In line with our vision; Ela Tekstil's strategic priorities are to continuously improve the quality of the product and service process by using developing and up-to-date technologies and to meet customer expectations by taking strength from them. Ela Tekstil is among the leaders in the fabric sector and exports 60% of its production abroad. With our knowledge in production, research, product development and patterning, we closely follow sectoral developments and innovations around the world.

Phone: +9 0212 481 55 28

Web: https://elatekstil.com.tr/

Address: Mehmet Nezih Özmen Mah. Zeki Sk. No:15/A Merter Güngören İstanbul

Er & Ez Group began manufacturing in the textile sector in 2013. Er & Ez Group produces women's clothing (trousers, dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets, etc. Selling raw and finished fabrics, the monthly sales of the company are 5-6 million meters. We use 100% cotton, viscose, polyester, domed , tencel, polyamide and nylon product groups New products are created by our professional team for a mixture of the listed products.

Web: http://er-eztextile.com/

Phone: +90 224 372 23 36-37

Address: Erez Dokuma Kumaş Tekstil San.ve Tic.LtD.Şti. DOSAB Mine Sok. No:16 Osmangazi BURSA 16245
Erok Tekstil
The company is engaged in the production and wholesale of Turkish fabrics and knitted fabrics. The main collection is costume (polyviscose and cotton) blouses, denim fabrics, as well as fabrics for school uniforms and knitted fabrics for various purposes. The assortment is suitable for women, men and children. With the help of digital print we create unique and individual prints.

Adres: A. Kutsi Tecer Cd., Kınalıtepe Sk. No 45 Merter/ İstanbul

Tel: +90 212 539 33 00

Web: http://eroktkan.ru/
Elmas Tekstil
Elmasteks started its activities with lining production in 1960, today it continues as jacquard weaving production. The dream of our company has been to develop and develop since then.

Our company aims at continuous growth and development focused on customer satisfaction, to be able to provide fast, high-quality service, and to compete at home and abroad. As Elmasteks, we continue to progress by adding new ones to our customers day by day.

Elmasteks produces jacquard fabrics for clothing. For collection preparations, it makes plans in accordance with the world fashion trends, takes into account customer demands, produces high quality and various designs.

As Elmasteks, it continues on its way by following the domestic and international fairs and innovations related to our sector, increasing customer satisfaction and adding new ones to its existing customers.

Address :
Samanlı Mah. Kocaali Cd. No: Yıldırım/Bursa

Web : www.elmasteks.com

Phone : +9 0224 351 22 64
Ege Kumaş
In the competative market conditions, we use latest technology and our experience together. Our main principle is to meet market demands with respect to feasible prices, high quality fabrics and time.

In addition to the variety of producs we have; ability of responding market needs and material development are the most important goals for us to keep customer satisfaction at the high levels.

Adres: Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mahallesi. Kasım Sokak. No: 35 Güngören/İstanbul

Web: www.egekumas.org

Tel: +902125229346

Ekose Tekstil
With its successful history spanning half a century, its competence in different but complementary sectors in terms of service culture, its well-equipped human resources, strong employment network, solid financing structure, foresight and strategy development ability, it is among the leading organizations that breathe life into the country's economy and add value to life.

We are proud of being able to respond to the needs of our customers under one roof.
With our professional team, we work hard to do top quality work in line with customer requests and we are happy about it.

Address: Velimeşe OSB Mah. Çorlu - Çerkezköy yolu Cd. Kapı no: 5 Ergene / TEKİRDAĞ

Phone: +90 282 676 41 12

Web: www.ekosetekstil.com.tr
Ema tekstil
Growing in 2014 EMATEKS; provides services with integrated equipment based on yarn, fabric and dye finishing. Our yarn factory; 5 Ne – 40 Ne in open-ended and vortex production. Our fabric factory; Superrem, two yarn, three yarn and derivatives of these fabrics, rib, thessaloniki, interlock, double face etc. fabric can be produced. Our fabrics are finally made and dressed in our dye factory.

Continuing its production activities with its integrated facilities in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone, EMATEKS is among the leading companies of Turkey with its equipment updated according to the latest developments in technology, competitive price policy, quality in production, and the value it gives to the environment.

EMATEKS, which performs every job it does with its unique team spirit and knowledge-oriented researcher tradition, without compromising the principles of honest and long-term cooperation, has always adopted the principle of achieving better and more successful works.


Phone: +90 282 758 18 06

Web: www.emateks.com.tr/
Evla tekstil
Forte tekstil
Forte Textile, established in March of 2016, has made new investments with experienced and experienced personnel and reached a daily production capacity of 70.000 meters...

Permanent success is hundred-percent customer satisfaction with the quality, the right product, the reasonable price, the fast lead time, the experienced and dynamic team.

Production activities needed by the sector; solution-oriented, human and environmentally sensitive sustainable system.

We are customer and quality focused. Our focus is not problem, is solution.

The key to our success is our employees and training. We are innovative and competitive.

Web: fortetekstil.com.tr

Phone: +90 224 714 83 38

Аddress: Prof. Dr. Oktay Sinanoğlu Cd. No:8, 16400 Süleymaniye Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Tayyare/İnegöl/Bursa
Fazilet Tekstil
Fazilet Tekstil, which was founded by our esteemed founder Osman Açık in Istanbul Sultanhamam in 1968, was incorporated in 1991 and started to produce knitted fabrics in 1995. Our Zeytinburnu store was opened in 2012. With our wide stock network, we supply the demands of our customers quickly and reliably. Our company mainly produces and sells cotton, cotton-polyester and viscose knitted fabrics. At the same time, we produce knitted fabrics in the desired color and quality. We produce knitted fabrics for children's, women's and men's ready-made clothing in our quality machinery. Our company has become the supplier of the respected brands of our country by closely following the developments in the sector. We offer a comprehensive service to our customers by combining a modern production line with quality raw materials and meticulous workmanship in the production of knitted fabrics. Our company aims at world-class production and high market share by transferring its experience to new generations.

Address: Seyitnizam Mah. Gümüşsuyu Davutpaşa Cad. No: 17/A Zeytinburnu/ İstanbul

Phone: +90212 5139770

Web: www.fazilettekstil.com.tr

Fon Boya
Our company, which was established in 2001 in Istanbul and enlarged its knitting facility in Adıyaman in the same year, opened its factory in Tekirdağ Çorlu in a short time and has a production network that will reach a daily production capacity of 20 tons thanks to its stable working principles. Our knitting and dyeing facility, which currently operates in an indoor area of 17500 m², will produce 20 tons per day, is one of the leading companies in the knitted fabric industry in terms of quality and diversity. By exporting our products to many countries, it has become a well-known brand in the international arena, and in this process, it has gained an important place in the textile market of our country with our breakthroughs. Our company, which shines around with its innovations and fashionable fabrics every season, gives life to knitted fabric with these features and gives life to it continuously. Single jersey, interlock, ribana, two threads, pique, three threads, camisole etc. In addition to fabric qualities, we are constantly adding new qualities to our structure by conducting R&D studies.


PHONE: 0212 558 13 11

WEB: fonboya.com
Guldemir Textiles
Founded in 1992 by Veli GÜL and Hasan DEMİR, Guldemir Textiles is one of the rare companies that have continuously been growing, developing and making their presence felt since the very beginning. Guldemir Textiles is strong and consistent in terms of the sense of quality and the right services to customers.

Capable of manufacturing and importing all types of fabrics based on its knowledge and experience of 27 years, the company provides its customers services in the fields of both export and domestic market. It is one of the companies in this sector that have achieved to create their own brands.

Thanks to its trained, experienced and dynamic team within its organization, it is able to closely follow the world's fashion, manufacture all types of textile fabrics, and develop new products in line with new processes. Manufacturing about 500,000 meters of fabrics per month, Guldemir Textiles is capable of providing its local and foreign customers with the rights services at the right time.

ontinuously making great efforts in the R&D department it has formed within its own organization, it prepares collections covering the Winter and Summer seasons.

Guldemir Textiles has a dynamic structure that allows it to manufacture distinct and special products making use of all types of thread, weaving and treatment techniques and, offer them to its customers.

Environmental consciousness and human health are the indispensable parts of the company culture. All the fabrics it manufactures are marketed to the customers in line with this understanding. We consider our customers a valuable asset.

We should keep in mind that no person or corporation could exist if they fail to value people.

Address: sanayi mah.gür sokak güldemir iş merkezi no.4-8 pk.34165 güngören/istanbul

Tel: +90 (212) 557 43 47

Web: guldemirtekstil.com
Grace Lace Tekstil
As a result of high quality production standards as well as innovative and original designs, we aim to be indispensable for business partners.

In the product range of our company, which offers its new and impressive collections every season to the industry's leading underwear and outerwear manufacturers; In addition to narrow band and lace lace varieties, there are also raschel lace, jacquard raschel, tulle and mesh fabrics. Our group, which has a monthly production capacity of 60 tons; It serves more than 700 companies and design offices in 21 countries, including Turkey.

Acting with the vision of becoming a global brand on the way it started out with the aim of always offering the better in the fashion and ready-made clothing industry, Grace Lace continues to add value to the industry it operates in as a result of the cooperation it has established with the world's leading brands.

Adres: Cihangir mah. Sarızeybek Cad.No:8/1–A blok Ambarlı Avcılar/Istanbul


Tel: +9 0212 438 40 27
Güldeniz Tekstil
Continuing its business life for 3 generations, Güldeniz Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi started its activities in Eminönü Sultanhamam, the heart of textile, in 1974. It carried out its first trade in 1974 with the aim of being the brand that introduces woven fabric at our country.

Güldeniz Tekstil, which expanded its track in 1992 and opened to the world with the domestic market, started to trade with many countries of the world. In addition, it began to improve quality standards by carefully following the developments in the sector. Again in 1992, it moved to its new production facility in Bayrampaşa and renewed its production capacity and track. Based on the fact that quality products will be obtained from quality raw materials, we continue our efforts to have a qualified workforce by always collecting the best raw materials in our factory with a closed area of 2.000 m2.

Without taking part in any activity contrary to our social responsibility and ethical values; We are constantly developing the proactive capabilities necessary to maintain a dynamic, pioneering, system understanding based on international quality standards. We strive to become a global leader company in the sector with a management approach in which our responsibilities towards the society and our environment, as well as the interests and happiness of our customers, employees and partners are carefully considered.

One of our main goals is to work with the principles of mutual trust, respect, participation, fairness and cooperation like a long-established family, and to live and enjoy the reliability, warmth and joy of our family by constantly giving opportunities to all Güldeniz Tekstil employees to work, rise and develop without any difference other than their performance.

Address: M. Nesih Özmen Mah. Savaş Cad. Söğüt Sokak No: 10/12-E Merter Güngören / İstanbul

0212 674 67 85


The founders of our company who have been active in the textile industry since 1976, established Hamboya Boyacilik Tekstil ve San ve Tic A.S. in 1998. Since the day it was established, it has had a high growth rate in its successful commercial bussiness where many fields such as textile and chemistry have been operating and has given direction to the departments. Today, it continues its activities under the name of HB GROUP, becoming a group of companies that works with yarn, knitting, dyeing, printing and chemistry sectors

Web: www.hbgroup.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 699 89 99, +90 212 699 49 00

Address: Zafer mah. 140 street No:45 Post Code:34513 Esenyurt/İSTANBUL
Has Örme
Has knitting textile was established in 1976 and has always come to this day by growing. It addresses the important part of the market by producing single jersey, rib, interlock, open width fabrics with more than 200 machinery. This success and market dominance stems from the sensitivity, trust it gives to its customers and the quality of production.

Has Örme, which is frequently mentioned in the field of knitting; Camisole, Single Jersey, Interlock, Ribana etc. serves with its diversity.

Web: www.hasorme.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 617 68 11

Address: Karayolları Mah. Cebeci Cd. 649. skNo:14 Küçükköy-GOP/İstanbul
HRN Tekstil
Founded in 2001, Hrn Fabric operates in the Knitting industry. Since its establishment, it has given the same importance to professionalism, experience, quality, trust and customer satisfaction and has become a company known for its industry values today.

Hrn Fabric, which has been serving for more than 20 years, continues on its way by taking customer satisfaction as a priority with its innovative and rich fabric content. It exports to many countries of the world, especially the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, England and Portugal.

Web: www.hrnfabric.com.tr

Phone: 0 (212) 503-8346

Address: Yakuplu Mh. Birlik Cd. No: 2 D: 3 Стамбул / ТУРЦИЯ
HC Kumaşçılık
Specializes in quality fabrics, mainly for suits, jackets and trousers.

Our Main Activities;

• A wide range of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter fabric collections

• Production and Development and Research and Development Departments

Our Basic Principles;

* Creativity and Innovation

• Special services for our customers

• Long-lasting, successful relationships with the world's leading brands

• Best quality with an effective price policy

Web: www.hctekstil.com

Phone: +9 02124383420

HMK Tekstil
HMK Textile is a family owned company based in Bursa, Turkey. We are one of the leading producer and exporter of women's blouse and shirts fabric since 1951.

Our monthly capacity is 1.000.000 meter, and our weaving production is made in our advanced technology dobby and jacquard looms. Thanks to our flexible production infrastructure, we can manufacture fabrics with cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester, lyocell, modal, linen and different blended yarns.

We have our own design team. We constantly invest in research and development to bring new fabrics for our customers.

Our dyehouse also has a laboratory to ensure that the quality criteria of our customers are met. Working on a plain paint machine park, we always provide the fastest service in dyeing, finishing and testing of fabrics made with various fiber blends.

We are exporting mainly to EU,USA, Russian Federation, Belarussia, Middle East and North African countries. Therefore we are specialized in the market and our main customers are Inditex group,H&M,C&A ,Mango ,Stradivarius,Sandro,Lpp ,Tesco,Primark ,Ulla Popken,Bershka,Jon Adam etc.

Web: www.hmktextile.com

Phone: +90 224 376 04 20

Address: Gürsu Org. San. Bölg. Turgut Özal Cd.No:3 16580 GURSU / BURSA
Hakcan tekstil
Established in 1989 as a whosaler of synthetic yarns; Hakcan textile started manufacturing fabrics in 1996. Since then; Company has been operating in Istanbul/Turkey

Mainly specialised in rashel warp knitting and circular knitting, with the capacity of 600 tones/month; all the fabrics have been manufactured and dyed in the house.

By the experience of more than 30 years and thanks to the large variety in the machinery line; Hakcan textile is able to manufacture fabrics simultaneously for several sectors such as sportswear, womens wear, upholstery, lingerie, lamination, flag production.

Hakcan textile produces widest range of fabrics & thanks to the wide inventory stock it keeps, serves the local and international markets with the quickest delivery and advanced CRM.

Warp Knitting Fabrics (Polyester, With/out Elasthane )

  • Net Fabrics
  • Mesh Fabrics
  • Tulle Fabrics
  • Lingerie Fabrics
  • Velour Fabrics With/Out Elasthane
  • Interlinings
  • Swimwear Fabrics
  • Sportswear Fabrics
  • Fabrics to be used in Shoes

ADDRESS: İstiklal mah. Yazgan sokak no:4 34522 Kıraç/Esenyurt İstanbul /Türkiye

PHONE: 0212 689 15 91/92

WEB: www.hakcantekstil.com
İlgi Textile
Since 1995, our company has been producing knit combed cotton fabrics, fancy fabrics, jacquard, and striper fabrics with an experienced professional team via our own knitting machines. Having been established in 1995 with the principle of "quality and customer satisfaction", Ilgi Tekstil has succeeded in becoming one of the largest domestic companies engaged in production for the biggest textile brands.
Our company produces knit combed cotton fabric, jacquard, and striper fabrics with the help of our professional team of 20 people working 7/24. With the principle of transparency, İlgi Tekstil informs its customers from order to production and from quality control to shipping.
Mission: Our mission is to be an accomplished institution which keeps respect to environment at the forefront, adopts quality and continuous development as basic principles, and works with a team spirit.
Vision: Our vision is to provide customer satisfaction through producing ecological and economical products with our world class standards in knit fabric production and to keep up with technological developments.

Web: https://ilgitextile.com/
Phone: 0212 655 80 70 / 0212 655 80 71

Address: Bağlar Mah. Barış Sok. No:10 K.2 Güneşli / Bağcılar /İstanbul
Having started business in 1956, IREMAK TEKSTIL has been operating in Bursa since 1980. In the past, the textile factory carried out knitting and dyeing of fabrics on a subcontract basis, later the company itself began to carry out these processes in its own factory, since the dyeing shop was commissioned in 2003. In addition to finishing and dyeing, the plant carries out printing processes on pipes, films, and rotary printing. Most of the processed fabrics consist mainly of cotton with rayon, modal, polyester and their blends. The company carries out the processes of dyeing, printing and finishing fabrics such as viscose, interlock, jersey, lacoste, viscose (lycra) with elastane, plain weave knitted fabric, two-layer knitted fabric with elastane, blends with cotton and polyester, velvet, towel fabric, velsoft , fleece.

Phone: +90 224 364 33 78

Address: AKD1 92EM TEKSTİL SAN.TIC.LTD.STI. Yunusemre Mah.2 Aksay Sokak No4: Yildirim/Bursa
İskur Group
Established in Kahramanmaras in 1990 İSKUR has since then acquired an ambitious position in industry, production and marketing sectors on a local, regional and global scale.

Starting its integrated production activities with Cotton, Gin and Cotton seed oil Iskur has become a major player in the textile industry taking its place amongst the largest producers in Turkey while employing thousands at home and abroad in many destinations.

ISKUR continues to operate with positive attention to consistency and quality while growing rapidly in the light of state-of-the-art technology expanding its customer sales network on a global scale exporting to 30 countries in 4 continents.
Operating in 8 main sectors including agriculture, textile, energy, automotive, plastic, insurance, retailing and marketing; With 18 different businesses and 4 thousand employees with a staggering 150 million USD in exports, reaching a turnover of $ 1.2 billion has entered ISKUR into '' Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises'.

Address :
Genç Osman Mah. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Bulvarı İskur Tekstil No 97/A Dulkadiroğlu / KAHRAMANMARAŞ

Phone :
+90 344 236 20 00

Web : www.iskur.com
İrfan can tekstil
Founded in 2016, İrfan Can Tekstil serves as men's clothing, fabric production and wholesale in the Istanbul region.

İrfan Can Tekstil's men's suit, single jacket and trousers groups; It maintains its leading position in the sector with its innovative product composition in color, pattern and touch, customer-oriented special service, fast service, high satisfaction, widespread marketing network structured with effective price policy, accurate market positioning and awareness-raising products.

We attach importance to total quality practices and studies within the scope of ISO 9001 quality assurance in order to meet the high competitive conditions brought by globalization and changing consumer behaviors and to meet the needs of the customers in the best way.

With our trend-setting role in the sector, our collaborations with the world's important and fashion-shaping brands in the fields we produce, our P&D and R&D studies are an important indicator of our innovative and pioneering structure that catches market trends.

Behind this success are innovative vision, love of work and great determination.

Address: Merter, Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mah. Mehmet Akif Ersoy Caddesi
No:2 Güngören/İSTANBUL

Phone: (0212) 438 79 29


İlker Kumasçılık
With our experienced managers and employees, who have been in the textile market since 1993, İlker Kumascilik is a young and dynamic company that develops collections in line with its own current designs and customers' requests, bringing together the best quality fabrics with modern designs at the right prices, in order to provide great design and quality service to our customers since 2017.

Our company offers a wide range of quality and up-to-date fabrics for our customers with both seasonal and original designs. With our talented and well-equipped design team, with our vision of being one of the leading companies in the sector, with problem-free production in the export and domestic market and the ever-developing and changing fashion sector we bring the patterns and colors of your dream to life on fabric.

Our company, whose priority is the satisfaction of our customers' needs, will continue its way by getting stronger in the sector for many years with thousands of pattern options on fabric and in the digital environment.

Cumhuriyet mahallesi,Rumeli caddesi no: 86/A ŞİŞLİ/İSTANBUL

PHONE: 0 212 247 18 91

WEB: ilkerkumascilik.com
Jakar Tekstil Moda
Jakar Tekstil Moda, which started its activities in Istanbul in 2010, has become one of the sought-after names in the fancy and knit fabric sector with its researcher structure and rapidly growing customer portfolio. Our company, which has been working with the aim of producing different fabrics and delivering them to manufacturers since the day it was founded, and it become a new company that has recently entered the knit fabric market, which it has been able to achieve. compete with companies older than themselves in terms of technical, equipment and capacity. Jakar Tekstil Moda prepares two different main collections per year, autumn-winter and the spring-summer from casual wear to fantasy, with high quality fabrics, with the cooperation of its strong R&D team and international designers together to make a high-quality fabrics, Jakar Textile Moda followed by dozens of ready-made clothing manufacturers and other companies that compete with it , and they admire the richness of fabric and the beauty of the patterns it produces every new season.

Moving toward becoming a trusted and respected organization in the field, Jakar Textile Fashion has embraced the vision of continuous customer satisfaction with fast service time and quality product supply.

With our young and dynamic structure that is important to innovation and development, our collections bring the latest fashion to the best, giving you the best value of our customers.

Address : Telsiz Mahallesi İmdat Toroman Caddesi No:52/E Zeytirburnu/İstanbul

Phone : +90 212 547 01 12

Web :
Karınca Tekstil
KARINCA TEKSTIL, was founded in 1974 by Hikmet Altınöz and started its activities in Istanbul / Sultanhamam market. Our company was incorporated in 2000 and moved to the Osmanbey market in the same year. In 2011, dye plant investment was made and it was established in the Adana Organized Industrial Zone, where it previously made contract manufacturing. Following the dye plant investment, the weaving and yarn twisting plants were incorporated in 2016.

KARINCA TEKSTIL, focuses on PES-VIS-EA blended fabrics production. Our products are used in the production of women's wear, men's wear, school uniforms and worker uniforms. Our weaving capacity is 500,000 meters per month, and our dying and finishing capacity is 1,300,000 meters per month. Our research and development department employs four designers who are continuosly developing new designs and qualities.

Head Office: Rumeli Cad. Nakiye Elgün Sk. No:41/A Osmanbey/İST

Export showroom : 19 Mayıs Mah. Dr. Hüsnü İsmet Öztürk Sk. No: 17, ELITE RESIDENCE, Kat:8, D:24 Şişli/İSTANBUL

Weaving mill: Acıdere OSB Mah. İstiklal Cad. No:16 SARIÇAM /ADANA

Dying& Finishing Mill: TOROS KUMAŞ – APRE – BOYA Acıdere OSB Mah. Vatan Cad. No: 6/1 SARIÇAM / ADANA

Web: www.karincatekstil.com

Phone: +90 212 233 20 03 – 231 84 52
KA Moda
Since its inception, Ka Moda Tekstil has been serving its domestic and foreign customers with customer oriented solutions and high quality products. With many years of experience and technical know-how, we attach great importance to research and development, which allows us to fulfill innovative customer requests. The range of our products includes outerwear fabrics for women, men and children of various compositions, weights and characteristics. In our production we mainly use polyester, viscose, cotton, polyamide and linen yarns for woven and knitted fabrics. , depending on the request Yarn dyed, Plain dyed or printed.

Web: www.kamodatekstil.com

Phone: +90 224 502 82 58

Аddress: Kazım karabekir mah. yaylalı sok. no:4 /a yıldırım – Bursa
Kükrer tekstil
Our company is a textile company, which has been producing fabrics for the finished outerwear sector since 1970, with a workforce of 100 people, a closed production area of 5.109 m2 and annual output of 5.000.000 m of fabric and fabric for printing in the organized industrial zone of Kestel. Since 2008, export operations have been carried out by the company of the group - GESİ TEKSTİL.Kükrer Tekstil with half a century of experience and constantly updating itself in accordance with technological development, moving forward with confident steps into the future. Constantly improving product quality, maximally satisfy the needs and expectations of customers with a wide range and quality of service. Thanks to the innovative management policy, quality, stable and fast production, become an exemplary and leading company in the industry at the national international level. We constantly develop ourselves and continue to develop in order to be able to provide creative and original proposals to customers. We are confidently moving towards becoming an international service company.

Address : Kestel Org. San. Böl. Doğan: Sok. No: 3 BURSA / Kestel

Phone : + 90 224 261 30 14

Email : kukrer@kukrertekstil.com

Web : www.kukrertekstil.com

Kasrevi grup tekstil
Our company was founded by Halit Oral, who started his business life in his family's fabric store in Sultanhamam in the 1970s.

We have been carrying out our commercial activities, which we started with the production of knitted fabric in 1990, under the umbrella of Kasrevi Grup Tekstil A.Ş. since 2017. We are specialized in dyed and printed fabrics produced from plain and high-tech yarns, which are generally used in the production of daily sportswear and active sportswear. While we sell from Turkey the fabrics we produce to companies that produce ready-made garments for many countries and brands around the world, we also export them as fabrics to companies that produce ready-made garments abroad. Companies and brands that produce ready-made clothing for the domestic market of our country also prefer our fabrics. In line with the developing trends, we constantly prepare new fabric collections and offer them to our customers.

Our goal is to take the developing technologies and innovative approach as a basis in all processes of fabric production, and to adopt respect for people, nature and the environment as the first principle at all stages of production. We produce all of our fabrics in accordance with international quality standards. As a company, our aim is to leave a clean and livable world to future generations while continuing our commercial activities.

Address: Beylikdüzü OSB Mahallesi Birlik Sanayi Sitesi 3 Cadde No: 13/75 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul

Phone: +9 0212 527 73 84

Web: www.kasrevitekstil.com.tr
Koltuksuz Textile
Koltuksuz Textile is a family company established in 1988 in Denizli/Turkey . We are an integrated knitting, weaving and dyeing company . We have a production capacity of 30 tons of fabric per day .

We are especially specialized in knitted velour fabrics, knitted towels, woven towels and muslin . We have always stocks in specific colors in our warehouse in Denizli. Having a dyehouse always gives us an advantage for the production time and for the minimum quantities.


0258 382 8123


Kolunsag Muflon
Kolunsag is a fake fur fabric producer company. Our first activities in textile sector started in 1933 in a small plant at Eyup, Istanbul. Now, we are carrying on our fake fur fabric manufacturing activity with our latest and highest technological equipped renewable machine park in our own modern factory building existed Hadimkoy since 1992.

Our company have been among the leading manufacturers of Turkey in this field for more than 25 years and has a production capacity to supply 50% of plush fabrics requirement of Turkey market.

Fake Fur covers all similar naming such as Faux Fur, Imitation Fur, Polar Fleece, Plush, Mouflon,Shag and High Pile Fabrics that are same content but in different names.

Fake Fur fabric is a such product that can be used as a protection function against to the cold, just as an accessory in garment or any other industrial sectors.

Fake Fur fabric has a wide areas of usage. Below are the sectors fake fur is used;

Garment, Clothing, Coat, Jacket, Parka, Waistcoat, Rompers, Scarf, Shawl, Fur, Mink Coat.

Toy Industry.

Shoes, Boot, Slipper, Snoozies, Top Boot, Foot Wear,

Home Textile, Carpet, Baby Products, Blankets, Prayer Rug, Bathmat, Hat, Bag, Chair Cover, Bed Covering, Stationary, Souvenir, Belongings.

Automotive Upholstery, Paint Roller, Filters for Air Conditions, Gloves, Gift Box Covering, Decorative Coverings, Leather applications and in an any form and application designed by styler.

Our company is using quality, natural, organic, original and certified raw material and supplies in the production line. The stuff is experienced and our technology is updated. We have also quality management certificate named ISO 9001.

Our design team create our private Summer-Winter collections twice a year by following the trends all over the world so we are in position as taste maker company to fashion in our field. We can also create a panel tailor made or special order as per private requests received from the customers. Many articles from our collection are so realistic that they can no longer be distinguished from real fur. Fur is for animals imitation fur is for humans.

To fulfill the requirements of the agreement, customer satisfaction, standard quality, sustainability, to keep the secret of our customers and to be on the square are our company's main and irrevocable principles.

We attend many sectoral and general local and international fairs as well as visitor and participant. Our goods are exporting to Russia and European, Balkans and Middle East countries.

Our showroom is existed in our head office in front of our factory. We kindly invite our customers to our showroom to see our full range and live samples. We will be pleased to host you in our company.

Address: Osmangazi Mahallesi 3113 Sk. No:2 Esenyurt İstanbul Turkey

0212 886 53 34

Kumash tekstil
Factory has experience since 1940 and during that time has established itself as a reliable supplier and experienced manufacturer in the market. Marsala Textile Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of shirts and dress fabrics in Russia and throughout Europe. We always strive for the best. Our equipment is made using modern technologies and allows us to make better quality compared to other manufacturers. Our collection includes a lot of designs in different directions, which can be a great addition to your assortment. These are plain fabrics, stripes, cells, jacquards, prints and many other types of fabrics. Many companies, having once made a choice in our favor, become our regular customers. Among them are many large companies with world names.

This one, for example, ZARA, MANGO, BERSHKA, TOMMY HILFIGER RIVER ISLAND-NEXT – M & S-NEXT – and other major brands.

Web: www.marsalatextile.com

Phone: +90 (224) 502-0019

Address: OSB Turuncu Cad. 2.Sk № 3 16140 Nilüfer - БУРСА / ТУРЦИЯ
ModaSay Tekstil company was established in 2004 by Yüksel Altıntaş in Bayrampaşa. Our company has been providing fast and quality service to its customers in the field of R&D design and supply since 2004.

After continuing our sales with our first Laleli Store in 2007 and continuing our store as Merter in 2010, it attaches importance to quality with our Osmanbey Store as of 2013.

With our young, dynamic and renewed staff, we meet the demands of customers who want to experience quality in all areas of the fabric market. We continue to develop and present our collections with harmony of colors, textures and patterns for local and global markets in a rich spectrum.

As ModaSay, we are currently bringing our products together with our foreign customers in 15 countries including Russia, France, England, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Greece, Iran, Bulgaria, Armenia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan.

Web: www.modasay.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 417 58 74

Address: Cumhuriet Mah. Rumeli Cad. Nakiye elgün Sok. No:16/B Osmanbey/Şişli İstanbul/Türkiye
Migiboy Tekstil is a textile company with approximately 750 staff. We produce all kinds of knitted and woven fabrics and contribute to the national economy and exporting to various countries. As Migiboy Tekstil, we are among the leading companies in the Turkish textile sector with our experience of more than 40 years and continue to grow with increasing investments in Construction, Energy and Hotel Management sectors.

Web: http://www.migiboy.com/

Address: Mehmet Nesihi Özmen Mah. Fatih Cad. Selvi Sok. No:7 / 1 Merter – Güngören / İSTANBUL
Muratoğlu Kumaş
Our company has been producing outerwear fabrics for men and women for more than 40 years. Polyester-viscose, wool-acrylic, wool-polyamide and acrylic-polyester fibers are used in our fabrics. Our company, which has the capacity to produce the desired color and pattern, sheds light on fashion with its collection.

Web: www.muratoglukumas.com

Phone: 0212 565 10 32

Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Nakiye Elgün Sok. No: 23 / Osmanbey / Sisli / Istanbul
Mem tekstil
Our company which was established as yarn producer in 1992, growed during years and became a leading company which offers the highest quality and various yarn and fabric within the changing fashion trends to the leading brands of the world with the shortest delivery. We aim to increase our customer's competitiveness in the market with our high capacity, product variety and the new products we develop. We participate in the worldwide textile fairs every year, follow the trends in fashion and have investments in technology and human resources for our inovation.


Dyed and Printed Fabrics(Rotation and Digital)
Single Jersey
Single Jersey with elasthane
French Terry
French Terry with elasthane
Punto di Roma
Organic Fabrics
Vortex Viscose Fabrics
Slub and Neppy Fabrics


Yarn: 150 tons/day
Dyed Knitted Fabric: 42tons/day
Rotation Printed Fabric: 10tons/day
Digital Printed Fabric: 1 ton/day


Address: Mahmutbey Mah. Dilmenler Cad. No:19 Aslanoba Plaza /Bağcılar İSTANBUL/TURKEY

Phone: +90 212 438 21 38

Mahmutoğlu tekstil
COMPANY INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY Mahmutoğlu Tekstil was founded in 1991 by the Karakuş family. innovative it has pursued since its inception, has become one of Turkey's leading manufacturing companies through sustainable and always produce better policies. } Mahmutoglu owned textile factory production and sales throughout Turkey carries 1 to 2 branches. } It was established on a closed area of approximately 20,000 square meters and A total of 260 employees work. } Mahmutoğlu Tekstil places great importance on the training of human resources with its constantly growing and developing organization. For this reason, both personal development and awareness raising and legal compulsory trainings are given to all our employees. } Following the latest trends in the sector, Design + Fabric combinations suitable for customer expectations are created and presented to the customer portfolio. OUR VISION-MISSION } To be one of the leading textile manufacturers in the world by continuing our investments by following the developing standards with our competent and creative staff, who have absorbed the importance of knowledge and technology, without compromising the philosophy of "people first", company reliability and product quality. } As a reliable and reputable company that takes its responsibility to create added value in national competition conditions, uses its resources at maximum efficiency, aims to deliver the same quality as the sample delivered to its customers before the order, provides the best and quality service, and carries our service quality to the top. to maintain our existence. PRODUCTION TRACK } 65 circular knitting machines } 3 x 8 cabin ram machines } 6 raising double drum machines } 1 (6) raising line machines } 3 trass machines } 3 scanning machines } 3 rotary printing machines } 2 fixing (steaming) machines } 2 effect machines } Ht machine 1 piece of 400 kg, 2 pieces of 600 kg, 1 piece of 1200 kg } 12 cabin continuous washing machine } 10 cabin continuous washing machines Chain open width compacting machine } 2 gofra machine } 4 quality control machines } 2 raw opening machines } Consists of 4 wet opening machines MAIN FIELD OF ACTIVITY It is the manufacture of woven fabric from synthetic filaments and staple fibers. Polyester / Viscose; Cotton and Cotton blends Viscose and Viscose blended fabrics are produced. CURRENT SITUATION AT OUR COMPANY Ø In our company, knitted fabrics are produced from synthetic filaments, staple fibers, polyester / viscose, cotton and cotton blends and viscose and viscose blends. Ø While performing the activities required for the manufacture of these fabrics; Processes such as order taking, purchasing, production planning, production, sales, management organization, product and auxiliary material stocks are manually tracked in excel forms. Ø Our company needs to increase its competitiveness by revising the mentioned processes together with the growth process and by using digital systems more. Ø Our company conducts stock count every 3 months regarding unnecessary waiting in production lines, stock tracking and reducing costs in production lines. This information is used in planning and production processes by analyzing unnecessary waiting products and unnecessary stocks, depending on the counts. Thus, inefficiencies are tried to be reduced. Ø Currently, there is no automation application used in fabric production processes other than basic automation applications that control functions such as starting / stopping machines. Unfortunately, there are currently no hardware and software components used for this purpose, as well as the operations performed independently and automatically by the machines in the pre-production and production processes of our company.

Adres: İnegöl Org.San.Böl.Süleymaniye mah.4.cad.No:4, İnegöl- Bursa

Tel: +90 224-215-10-15 -16

Website: www.mahmutoglutekstil.com
Moda Ossa
Fashion Ossa brought a new perspective to the brand and production. In women's clothing, woven fabric has become a preferred brand both in Turkey and abroad with its alternative color and pattern options in the years since its establishment in 2014. Fashion Ossa fabric, which responds to all tastes with its quality woven fabric and original fabric collection in accordance with the world-wide accepted production standards, is an international company that also paves the way for fashion and new trends in the sector with its R & D studies for decency.
Being the leading distribution channel that creates preferred, tracked, guided, loved and sustainable values with our innovative and creative products in all customer and product segments that we serve in the field of sales and marketing in Bursa and Istanbul.
Our vision
Ensuring continuity of development and innovation by enabling personal development of employees, sustainable business results

Address : Halide Edip Adıvar, Akar Cad. No:2/B Bomonti/İstanbul

Phone : +90 212 231 25 42

Web : www.modaossakumas.com
Founded in 1997 with the objective to "offer our customers high quality products with competitive prices", MEDAS has since claimed its place among the sector's leading companies thanks to its commitment to its innovative and customer-oriented works.

Having been operating in Russia via its Moscow office since 2005, MEDAS also opened its offices in Minsk, Belarus in 2015 and in Warsaw, Poland in 2016, with a view to directly reach its customers, without any intermediary agencies or middlemen, and to develop sustainable, fiduciary partnerships with them by means of its high business standards and competent staff.

Distinguishing itself by wielding its experienced team and technology in all its business practices throughout the entire workflow from design and production to end users, MEDAS continues to grow and improve by integrating its customer-oriented approach and corporate culture into its innovative management philosophy.

We adopt an individual approach in customer relations by virtue of our corporate structure and therefore we take it as a priority goal to ensure profitability and trust for our customers.

In order to thoroughly comprehend the people's needs and sensibilities in our target countries, we employ the most competent and successful business professionals in those countries and incorporate their potential into our experiences gained in various countries so as to offer the best service fitted for the needs and expectations of our customers.

We combine the knowledge and experience of our executive team which consists of leading sector professionals with the energy and dynamism of our young staff in the field with the intention of earning confidence and trust of our customers.

We are well aware that time is of the essence. As the world changes rapidly, we invest heavily in innovation and technology, which hallmarks MEDAS. The primary goal of our research and development works and investments in technology is to expedite our customers' outcome-oriented business practices and thus profitability.

We place special emphasis to maintaining our logistics network in order that our regional warehouses are supplied with new products on a weekly basis and thus delivering our customers' orders at the shortest notice.

Likewise, we do our best to produce and deliver your orders of "specialities" with the same meticulousness, care and swiftness.

With our product range including 96 different colour options for each product, highly qualified and experienced team, rapid logistics network and customer-oriented business approach, we are carrying on our efforts to maintain the best business practices.

Address :

Phone :

Web : medastex.com

Approaching 70 years in the textile industry with a history of 3 generations of knowledge and experience, Moripek is proud to offer its textile services to our valued customers with an amateur vibe of the first day. Our company since its establishment ,adopted the principle of customer satisfaction and quality in the textile industry as our biggest target, along with the innovation of the era developing every day, and confident to walk with more robust steps. Since 2010 our company has revealed its vision with investments towards digital printing under Morelli Exclusive design its vision.
Moripek with its own designs and cooperation with world's leading design studios prepare different collections for woman clothing patterns. We follow global fashion trends and combine them with our own vision and staff who have great experience in this matter. We prepare 2 main and 4 sub collections with a total of 6 collections. With customer oriented services we provide exclusive design collections and fast fashion trends to our valued customers.
Moripek's main principle is to offer unconditional customer satisfaction, speed, quality with its expert staff to both domestic and overseas markets.. Moripek has been increasing .its share in the European and American.with each passing day.

Address : Demirtaş Dumlupınar OSB. Mah.Istanbul Cad.No:570 Bursa / TURKEY

Phone : +90 224 262 10 45

Web : www.moripek.com.tr

Merboy Tekstil
We are proud to be able to respond to all our customers' needs vertically. Merboy Tekstil, with its production of fantasy, and printed knitted fabrics, also gives priority to technical textile fabrics and makes its future plans accordingly.

Merboy Tekstil is one of the leading manufacturers of knitted fabrics in the industry.

With its innovative vision, it has the principle to respond quickly to customer expectations. It is a respectable establishment that can be accepted as an integrated, producing at competitive level both nationally and internationally with development-oriented, flexible production capabilities.

We are one of the few companies that can manufacture boutiques with short lead times.

We are proud to be able to respond to all our customers' needs vertically. Merboy Tekstil, with its production of fantasy, and printed knitted fabrics, also gives priority to technical textile fabrics and makes its future plans accordingly.

With our fabrics we have developed and designed every day, "WE CREATE INNOVATE WITH POSSION ON CUSTOMER DEMAND WIHT COMPETITIVE ATTITUDE", Has become as our motto..

From 1970 to today

Behind the steady rise of Merboy Tekstil, there is confidence that the textile experience, based on long years, is open to technology and innovation.

In the 70's, textile industry started to trade with knitting,

In 1987, Merboy Tekstil, which was transformed into a corporated structure and continued with knitted fabric production,
Within the closed area of 15,000 m2,
Using the technology of the new future to produce the whole world.
Our company, which added new dye-finishing operation in 2002,

Success Principles
The greatest factor in the success of Merboy Tekstil is the principle decisions it has taken and implemented since its foundation.

Merboy Tekstil principles are;
to deliver on time,
trust worthy always invest in research and development,
Being Customer-focused and
Developing new items before client request.
Coast efficiency

Respect for Humanity and Nature ...
All operation waste water is treated.
This is an indication of the importance given to the human and the environment

From Turkey to the World
Merboy Tekstil produces 50,00 meters of fantasy, jacquard and printed fabric daily.
We export 50% of our production.
With our main export markets being Europe and Russia, we want to make our products wearable all over the world with "new markets new horizons" point of view.

Address: Velimeşe OSB Mahallesi 132. Sok No: 4/1 Ergene - TEKİRDAĞ

Phone: +90282 674 48 40 - 41
Moda metraj kumaşçılık
Our company is engaged in the wholesale trade of knitted and woven fabrics. In addition to meeting the expectations and needs of our customers, our main goal is to offer fashionable, quality fabrics. Added value is added to various fabrics by making digital rotation embossing prints. It is a company that aims to innovate in the textile sector. As a company, it continues to work with its professional staff to establish a marketing network in international markets and to take its success one step further in these markets. Our company operates in many countries, including Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Address: Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mah. Söğüt sk. No:5 Merter/İstanbul

Phone: 0212 516 97 72

Web: www.metrajkumascilik.com
Melen fabrics
As melenFABRICS, we established sustainable and respectful relationships by meeting the demands of our customers in the field of woven fabrics.. We provide solution-oriented and reliable services to our customers by providing a smooth process from order to delivery. We attach importance to protect the nature and environment, and we strive to continue our production within this framework with sustainable (recycled & organic) fabric alternatives that we add to our product portfolio. Our production line is cotton, cotton mix, poliviscose, recycled cotton & recycled polyester, organic woven fabrics. We have GRS, GOTS and OCS certifications.

Address: Melen Kumascilik |Mehmet Nesih Ozmen Mh. Zeytin Sk. No:6 | Merter, Gungoren 34173, Istanbul, Turkey

+90 212 502 58 22

Web: www.melenfabrics.com
Muratoğlu tekstil
Founded in 1984, Muratoğlu Textile has managed to become a leading company in the production of woolen cloth with powerful sales and marketing organization, production flexibility, high quality focus, vision and experience in Turkey.

The product range of our company, which has a production capacity of 3,000,000 meters per year, includes wool / polyamide, wool / polyester / polyamide, wool / polyester / polyamide / viscose and wool / acrylic / polyester blended overcoat and jacket woven fabrics.

Walking confidently towards our company branding in Turkey's market, its market share in the export field is also increasing day by day. The leading brands in Turkey, such as Damat, Ramsey, Vakko, Karaca, Yargıcı, Lufian, Beymen, Network, Pierre Cardin have gladly worked with us for many years.

Proudly being the acknowledged company of many leading brands in the domestic, as well as foreign market; Muratoğlu Tekstil shares new patterns suitable for the trend of the season with its valuable customers before each winter season.

We participate in international fairs in order to follow the trend of the day. Texworld (Paris), London Textile Fair (London), Munich Fabric Start (Munich), Textile Salon (Moscow), Moddisimo (Porto), Morocco In Mod (Morocco),

Texhibition (Istanbul) we exhibit our new collection that we develop for winter every year.

ADDRESS: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Nakiye Elgun Sokak No:33/1 Osmanbey Şişli/istanbul

PHONE: +90 212 225 65 04

WEB: www.muratoglutekstil.com
Mertül tekstil
Nil Örme
Nil Örme is an integrated knitted fabrics manufacturer; knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing facilites. We have started to textile life in 1940, which has specialized for ladies and men fabric.
Our collection consists of jersey, punto di roma, rib, three threads, two threads, scuba, waffle, piqué, fabrics knitted via organic natural yarns (cotton, linen...), regenerated yarns (viscose, modal, tencel...) and synthetic yarns (polyester, polyamide...) and their blends with/without elastane . We also produce digital and rotary printed fabrics.
All production is Oeko-Tex 100 certified.
Our company is well-organised and capable to produce fabrics with certificate of OCS, GOTS, GRS and BCI

Address: Cihangir Mah.Şehit jan.Kom.Er Zafer Kızıltaş Sk. No: 1 Kat: 4 Ambarlı – Avcılar / İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 422 58 78

Fax: (212) 422 83 63

Web: nilorme.com

NNK textile
NNK Tekstil has been exporting dyed, printed, woven and knitted fabrics for the production of women's clothing to various countries - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia since 2004.

Partnerships with best mills in textile production, Dedication to quality without any compromise, premium customer service and fast delivery are priorities, and key elements for NNK's continues success.

Our company serves the leading fashion brands and manufacturers , providing the latest trends with high quality and service standards on Fabric and Print design.

Web: nnktextile.com

Adres: Cumhuriyet mah gazi cad güven sokak no 2/1b nilüfer bursa
Nazik Borde
Delivering services in the textile sector since 1965, Brode Nazik is among the leading companies, which has achieved the success with 100% customer satisfaction and a reliable company profile.


Brode Nazik has carried out a great number of successful projects in various brode categories by featuring genuine works for many years, with the "Designers" who are the artisans of Textile and eventually become popular among large-scale wholesalers in the international arena. The brand has also increased its production capacity day by day and maintained its quality meticulously by following the technology closely. Meeting all the needs of the companies quickly, Brode Nazik appreciates the needs of its customers and carries out MTO (Make to Order) productions at its plants.

Adres: Atatürk Mah. Alemdağ Cad. Çiftlik Sok. No:21/C Ümraniye / İstanbul

Tel: +90 850 255 1965

Web: brodenazik.com.tr

Oztayteks was established in 2008. From its very beginning, it has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its quality, reliable and wide range of products at the same time. The young dynamic team, which keeps close to fashion and trends at world famous fairs, continues its commercial life with the first day excitement today with increasing production capacity every year.

Oztayteks is exporting fabrics to all over the world and works with leading companies that are leading fashion. As far as we are in our country, we are proud to be the pioneer of renewing abroad. As it grows and renews day by day, it works with a certain principle in order to deliver the best quality and the best quality to its customers.

Web: www.oztayteks.com

Phone: + 90 0212 233 32 33

Address: Cumhuriyet Mah. Rumeli Cd. No: 94/A Osmanbey / İstanbul
Öz Üçel Tekstil
Our company has been established in 1998 in Bursa/Turkey. Ozucel Textile has been stabled on about 16000 m2 dyeing mills . It has been between top 10 Bursa's Export companies. Since 1998 OZ-UCEL TEKSTIL has produced co, pes, viscose,linen and mixed fabrics for ladies and men. Currently, our company which has become a desired one in the sector, produces women's ,men's and infant's shirt cloth, ready-made clothes for ladies' outwear and makes the sales of them as domestic and exportation. With high technology our company is being more preferred. We proudly took our place at the 57th, 65th, and 76th places in the B.T.S.O's "Highest Corporate Tax Ranking Adding Value to the Economy". We were deemed worthy of the bronze medal award for 3 consecutive years within the scope of the export awards of the year organized by UTİB.
• Variety fabric types
Imported and our weaving production fabrics have been finished at our dyeing mill.
• Fast services
With integrated laboratory lab-dips can be prepared in 1-2 days
2 weeks lead times
Our company grows rapidly and has a vision of quality and fast service and is being more preferred in
the sector.
With the knowledge and experience OZUCEL TEKSTIL provides customer satisfication

Adres: Demirtas Dumlupınar OSB Mah. Papatya sk. No:2 16369 Osmangazi /Bursa / TURKEY

Web: www.ozuceltekstil.com.tr

Phone: 0224 261 22 24
Özel tekstil
Ozel Tekstil, founded by Mehmet Özel in 1940, is a fully integrated woven fabric manufacturer, now recognized by as well the international as the domestic market. Managed by the 3rd Özel generation the company has not ceased to grow and has developed the adequate management structure to assure the innovative and high quality policy. Özel Tekstil is a fast fashion production center which has been strengthened over its 60 years of accumulated textile experience. Original designs, accurate high quality service, very flexible and fast production help to adapt to the ever faster pace the fashion scene is requiring.

Özel Tekstil produces 1,25 million meter of fabric per month, which are realized with high profile brands and ready-made garment manufacturers spread internationally as well as domestically. The production is realized in a 11.000m² factory in Turkey, Bursa-Inegöl.

Web: www.ozeltekstil.com

Phone: +90 212 520 79 35, +90 212 522 16 78

Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Nakiye Elgun Sokak No: 31/B SISLI / ISTANBUL
Özçimen Textile
Özçimen Textile was founded in 1939 by Ali Özçimen who started to twill silk fabric and is one of the pioneers in textile industry in Bursa. The company was turned into a family business by his son, Şükrü Özçimen and started manufacturing woven fabric for women with state-of-the-art jacquard and dobby machines.

The company is constantly progress since the first day and adopted to own the appropriate machinery, equipment and staff as a principle to keep up with the standards which will continuously develop its product and service quality.

It creates its collections with the elaborate efforts of R&D and manufacturing development departments and presents the latest fashion trends to the world markets. 85% of its production is sold to abroad, primarily to European countries and USA and Russia and 15% to domestic companies which export goods to Europe.

Özçimen Textile adapted to always prioritize customer satisfaction, not to compromise on quality and being a researcher and innovative company in all aspects from market expectations and technological developments.

Address: Demirtaş Org.San.Bölg. Sardunya Sk. No:5 Bursa/Turkeiye

Phone: +90 224 261 10 99/ 261 04 71

Web: ozcimentextile.com
Ozcan örme
Ozcan Tekstil is established in 2000 in Zeytinburnu/Istanbul and takes firm steps forward in the fancy knitted fabric field of globalising Turkish market. In 2014, Ozcan Tekstil incorporated knitting machinery realizing its first spurt of production. Enhancing its quality and vision, in 2018 a washing-printing-sizing facility under name of Aktif Apre is established which was the second breakthrough for the company.

Adres: Telsiz mah dursunkılıç cad no:6/A Zeytinburnu/İstanbul

Web: www.ozcantextile.com.tr

Phone: +902126795893
Özer jakar
Özer Jacquard weaving is a growing textile company.

Our only goal is to progress and advance in our story that started at the beginning of 2000s.

Our primary product range includes; jacquard weaving fabrics for mainly fancy and evening gown.

We aim to offer today's fashion and new trends of future to our customers with all new fabric we designed and weaved.

We are advancing confidently along the way to becoming successful through a young who can react quickly to all changes and a result-oriented point of view to manage more effectively the existing market and new markets.

Adres: Kazım Karabekir Mah. 2.Karaağaç Sk. No:33 Yıldırım/BURSA

TEL: 0224 341 2244

Website: www.ozerjakar.com
Özlem Kumaş
Hey, now we are at Viptex too. We will be happy to meet you at their friendly atmosphere. We still present our divers collection in regular exhibitions in Moscow, Premiere Vision Paris & New York, London. Whenever visiting Istanbul, remember to pay a visit to our showroom. We are at 31st floor with a great Istanbul view. About our collection, you should see it. It is based on woven fabrics. Woolen fabrics, cotton fabrics, polyester viscose fabrics, we have all in our collection. More, Fancy fabrics; boucles, macaronis, sequins, all available for your imagination. Sustainable fabrics, we are able to offer you recycled polyester. Finally, do not miss our stock service collection. Various designs with lovely colors ,minimum is just 1 roll. Hope to see you.

Tel: +90 212 438 5 438

Web: www.ozlemkumas.com

Adres: Koza Plaza, B Blok, Kat:31, Tekstilkent, 34235 Esenler / Istanbul / Turkey
Ozyurt tekstil
We are leader and expert in the industry of knitted and dyed fabrics over 31 years of experience in Turkey.

Today we are working with some of the top companies in Textile sector in Turkey. At the same time, we are exporting to our neighboring countries such as Belarus, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Greece, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. Our main strategy for export is customers to service our dyed and printed fabrics.

Our annual turnover is at 50 Million Dollars and our export sales volume 20 Million Dollars. We reached to these figures with three prdoction facilities and 350 skilled employees. Pls find below a summary about our product range and capacity which will give you as cope of our company.


Our machine park is highly impressive with 100 circular machines and wide range of products including Single Jersey, Interlock, French Terry, Ribana, Velour, Futter, 3 Yarn Fleece, Polar. We have a big collection of fancy knitted fabrics which we can supply both in dyed and printed.


The daily production capacity of our dyeing department is 30 tons and we have GOTS, OCS, GRS, ECOVERO, CMIA certificates among our sustainable productions and we carry out all the productions included in these certificates.


Our printing department, which started in 2017, doubled our capacity with new machinery investments. We have a printing capacity of 10000 meters/day on cotton, viscose, combed, cotton modal and a digital transfer printing capacity of 10000 meters/day on 100% polyester.

Head Office: Basın Ekspress Yolu Merkez Mah. Çınar Cad. No:4/7 Yenibosna/Istanbul

Factory: Velimese OSB 227. Sokak No:28, 59880 Corlu/Tekirdag

Web: endora.com.tr

Phone: +90 282 674 4612
Örkum tekstil
Örkum Tekstil is one of Turkey's leading fabric manufacturers,providing original designs,circular knitting,yarn and plain dyeing,rotation and digital printing services in its fully integrated production plant with a closed area of 50 000 m2.Meeting International Quality Standards supported by certification,Örkum is proud to supply leading retailers worldwide.

Specialising in circular knits,Örkum combines creativity and experience to produce high end quality.As a vertical production mill equipped with a most advanced production line,Örkum creates high quality&innovative knitted fabrics as well as plain dyeing of different blends with special finish treatments.

Örkum invests highly in design innovation,with a strong international design team providing fast and accurate solutions and production in prints,plain and jacquard knits.A superior service concept,R&D works and sensitivity to technologic development make Örkum your ideal partner.

Address: Ulas OSB.Mah.216 Sok. No:9/1 Ergene 2 OSB ERGENE TEKIRDAG

+90 282 655 53 87

Premium Tekstil
Founded in 2015 with the aim of meeting the high quality and trend fabric needs of the growing textile sector in Turkey and the world , Premium Tekstil, which started in 1992 at Merter Keresteciler site, serves as a monthly capacity of 2 million mt with collections prepared for its customers according to fashion developments in the world.

As Premium textile,which provides production and supply services with a wide range of products such as raw ,painted and printed in the woven fabric group, we continue to provide value to our customers and to be one of the leading companies in the sector by providing more and more brand services in accordance with their demands.

Web: www.premiumtekstil.com

Phone: +90 212 452 5054

Address: 15 Temmuz mah. Gülbahar cd.1507. sk. No:10
Pakipek group
Being engaged in manufacturing women's clothing Pakipek commenced their operations with silk yarn twist in 1956. Today, in order to make use of world trends, competition and technology, the company keeps serving with its integrated production facility under 12.000 m2 closed area in total. Thanks to our 65 years experience in the business together with the continual growth and our determined mind to "do it better" Pakipek Group has grown into one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the national and international market.

Pakipek is a leading enterprise with their pioneering designs, superior quality and eco-friendly products. Aiming at unconditional customer satisfaction the Group provides products to many brands by working with expert creators with worldwide leading studios and offers four seasonal collections to Europe and world Fashion every year.

Web: www.pakipekgroup.com

Phone: +90 224 243 20 30

Аddress: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Yeşil Cd. No:29 Nilufer/Bursa/ Turkey
Pena Tekstil
Pena Fabric is open to new developments and with its management policy that improves this process, it focuses on customer satisfaction, provides the most appropriate, highest quality and fastest service. To be a pioneer in the market by serving both domestic and abroad in line with market trends.

To develop itself at the dizzying pace of innovations with the changing world and to make positive improvements in the competitive conditions that have become global, and to realize the respect for nature and human beings while protecting them, and to be a pioneer for other companies.

Web: http://penatekstil.com/

Phone: +90212 452 7362

Address: Yenibosna Merkez Mah. Hafız Burhan Sk. Atlas Konakları Sit.
PALATEKS TEKSTIL was established in 1989, based in Istanbul, in order to perform sales and distribution activities of all products from one center. Founded as a part of Pala Group, which has been one of the pioneers in the Turkish textile industry since 1933.

With its delicately designed fabric collections, PALATEKS TEKSTIL carries out export activities to more than 20 countries by meeting the demands of many famous brands and fashion houses in the world.

Famous fashion brands of France, Italy, Spain, Germany and leading companies from Netherlands constitute our main customer group.

PALATEKS TEKSTIL always aims for innovation and variety. Leading the fashion trends with its own collection while collaborating with Italian designers.

In our weaving and knitting collection that will meet the needs of women's and men's fashion;

- Viscose
- Viscose/Pes/Ea
- Cotton – Cotton/Polyamide – Cotton/Pes
- Tencel – Tencel/Viscose
- Linen – Linen/Viscose/Pes – Linen/Cotton
- Silky Pes
- Jacquards
- Chanels
- Water repellent technic fabrics
- And many more compositions…

We respond to current fashion trends with our qualities, produced with certified RECYCLED and ORGANIC fibers that we have developed for SUSTAINABILITY aswell.

ADDRESS: Cumhuriyet mah. Tavukçu Fethi sk. No:17 Pangaltı ŞİŞLİ/ İSTANBUL

0 212 230 31 74

WEB: www.palateks.com.tr
ROF tekstil
Created in 2018, ROF Tekstil Ltd. Sti. is a company operating in the field of knitted fabric manufacture and exportation.ROF tekstil is experienced in the textile market for many years with its professional team.Quality production, fast service, new design, product variety, sustainability, innovation and egality understanding represent ROF Tekstil's main structure.As ROF Textile we are exporting with new designs and high quality natural, synthetic and blended fibers in many countries of the world by keeping up with the rapid changes in the world fashion.Focusing on the new themes of global fashion we present to our customers quality, fast and different production
From yarn to fabric ; ROF Textile provide all stages of production are observable, in every process of production tests are carried out in accordance with international standards in physics and quality control laboratory and it is offered to customers. As ROF Textile we are exporting with new designs and high quality natural, synthetic and blended fibers in many countries of the world by keeping up with the rapid changes in the world fashion.Focusing on the new themes of global fashion we present to our customers quality, fast and different production.

Phone: +90 (212) 875 01 25 – 26

Fax: +90 (212) 875 01 27

Web: roftextile.com.
Dear Visitor,

We would like to welcome you in our stand in order to present our new collection. We are expert in PU/PVC leathers suitable for ladieswear, childrenwear, menswear. Our collestion is wide in party wear and casual wear. All our leather groups are DMF free and also we have ecological leather that is very demanded item in Inditex and H&M brands.

Also we are expert in woven and knitted fabrics. Mainly we are expert in polyester,cotton and viscose items. Beside this we have fitness and yoga collection &40 and %60 polyamide. We are expert in raincoat naylon and polyester items.

Adres: Sanayi Mah.Çağlayan sok.No:14/1 Güngören – Merter – İstanbul Pk : 34173

Tel : 0212 – 515 51 78

Fax : 0212 – 515 51 79
Mr.Mehmet Üçeş, the third generation of a textile family, started his business life in 1986 in Şanlıurfa,Turkey. In the 1900s, the family started the wholesale and retail domestic fabric trade under the leadership of his grandfather, the late Mr.Mehmet Üçeş. In 1996, with the growing business volume, Mr.Mehmet Üçeş shifted the company's commercial activities to Istanbul. Since 2002, the company has been continuing its commercial activities as Roder Textile; a combination of group companies.

Address : Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mahallesi Yüksek Sokak No:14/1

Phone : +902122193000; +902122193001

Web : www.rodertekstil.com
Rayon Tekstil
Established in 1989, Rayon Tekstil is basically involved in production of woven and knitted fabrics for sportswear, outer wear, military wear and technical textiles.

ADDRESS: Keresteciler Sit. Fatih Cad. Kavakli Sok No 18 Gungoren, 34173, Istanbul, Turkey

PHONE: +90 (212) 637 07 88

WEB: www.rayon.com.tr
Royal Kumaş
RNG Tekstil started its activities in Merter / Güngören in 2013 as the second generation representative of the firm 'Sertan İpek', which started its business life in 1979 in Sultanhamam / Keskinhan. In our business life, which is based on economic and quality service, we have been leading the market under the name of 'Royal Kumaş' for 9 years.

WHO ARE WE? Our company, which closely follows the trends of each year, imports 10.000.000 meters of fabric per year. Our company, which provides the fastest supply to the demands of our customers with various qualities such as polyester, cotton, viscose base qualities, started its service in 2021 in a production area of 2000 m2, under the name Royal Digital, with a printing capacity of 12,000 mt per day. We support sustainable fashion with the recyclable dyes and fabrics we use. We present our collections, which we have prepared by putting together the most up-to-date colors and patterns, with our professional design team that closely follows the trends

ADDRESS: Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mah. Söğüt Sk. No12/C Merter / İstanbul

PHONE: 0212 224 58 57

WEB: www.rngtekstil.com

Our company started its business life under the name of Koza Tuhafiye A.Ş, which was founded by the late Abdul Baki Siverekli from Malatya / Darende in 1978 in Kadirli district of Adana. Later in 1982, it started its activities in the field of wholesale fabric under Sivteks Tekstil sign in Adana's Kocavezir district. Time in Abidinpaşa and not until 1996, taking into Melekgir stores in the body has been all over Turkey with a network of clients. After this date, our company decided to invest in order to gain a manufacturer identity in the textile market in order to increase its growth rate. In line with this decision, it has adopted the principle of providing quality service in dyeing-finishing, finishing and sizing-warping activities by establishing 32.000 m2 open and closed area in the newly established Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone. Sivteks A.Ş is one of the leading companies in the textile city of Adana, with its customer-oriented work, breakthroughs and employment in the textile industry that develops day by day. has been. Today, Sivteks textile continues to grow as a company that exports to many countries of the world, especially to European countries and Russia, with an annual production of up to 12 million meters.

Web: www.sivteks.com.tr

Phone: +90 322 394 38 93 - 94 - 95

Address: A.O.S.B Ankara Caddesi, no:6 Sarıçam/ ADANA
Sergiteks, which was established in 1980, has become one of the leading brands in local and international markets, determining fashion in a short time by acting without compromising quality, trust and originality. Its development team, which closely follows industry trends, works with American and Italian design studios. Knitted, woven, jacquard and embroidery fabrics, which are made of natural and synthetic fibers, are produced in Sergiteks' quality. Rotation, digital and flock prints are produced. Sergiteks works with big brands that guide fashion in 30 different countries and is growing by developing its customer portfolio day by day.

Web: www.sergiteks.com

Phone: + 90 (212) 219 52 59

Adres: cumhuriyet mh. Nakiye elgün SK. NO:12/A İSTANBUL / ŞİŞLİ
Seray Tekstil
Seray Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. was established in Bursa / Turkey in the year 1990 and started off initially as a small manufacturing company from the year 1983 which has now grown into a leading textile manufacturer as well as export company specialized in producing and selling 100% cotton, cotton/stretch and poly/cotton woven fabrics for men's shirts and women's clothing.
As of today, Seray Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. are a manufacturer of 100% cotton, cotton/stretch and poly/cotton blended woven fabrics with around 1.200..000.- meters monthly, 14.000.000.- meters yearly exceeding capacity, performing steadily in 70.000 m2 covered area by making production in high quality standards. Besides, we have our own Polyester Yarn Factory and confection unit to sew ready-made shirts as well as ladies' dress.
In addition to weaving unit, we have also our own dyeing plant performing dyeing, washing, finishing as well as sanforising and singeing processes of the fabrics in 15.000 m2 covered area. We strictly adhere to the INTERNATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS whatever we supply, processing with dyestuffs, chemicals that meet the currently accepted demands in respect to ecological requirements of the STANDARDS OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND HUMAN SAFETY. We also have a valid OEKO-TEX certificate to this effect.
As being one of the leading textile companies well known to produce classic designs in the field of shirting in Turkey, our company produce and keep on stock in fine quality, first grade 100% cotton, cotton/stretch and poly/cotton blends as well as printed items in solid colours, classic stripes, checks, squares, plaids, oxford, pinpoint shamre, dacron, CVC, poplin with lycra and novelties. We always stand at the disposal of our customers with an extremely wide variety of special, innovative and fine fabrics.
Our priority is to supply quality approved goods to captious customers at competitive prices. Reliability and sustainability are among our principles, considering that our honour is more valuable than our money. Thus, we pride ourselves in obtaining a privileged place and reputation in the sector of textile.
As we work on stock based, our products are constantly available on stock in our modern and well-equipped factory warehouse, being ready to sell to our domestic market as well as worldwide countries suc as:

Italy, France, Spain (Inditex Group), Germany, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukrania, Russia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Makedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, England and also Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Eigypt, U.A.E. and South Africa etc.
Our main target is to create our own brand name known all over the world.

Adres: Demirtaş Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Menekşe Sokak No:1, 16100 Osmangazi / Bursa / Türkiye

Tel: +90 224 261 3504-05-06

Website: www.seraytekstil.com.tr
Safran Kumas
Our company was founded in 2014 for the manufacture and sales of fabric. It has been serving with its expert and competent staff for the manufacture and sales of the raw, dyed and printed fabric. It has been following up closely all the technologic innovations of the sector and always increases its production and capacity by doing assesments and also taking into consideration the customer's demands.
Safran Kumas has been maintaining its speciality on the fabrics such as: polyester, viscose, poly/viscose , linen, cotton and jacquard.
Our marketing and sales team are composed of experienced sales representatives and account executives. They give all the necessary information about the access of the orders to delivering them to the customers and also they are experts in following all the phases during the process.

Web: www.safrankumas.com

Phone: +90 224 211 73 27

Address: Cumhuriyet, Nakiye Elgun Sk. No: 35, 34380 Sisli / Istanbul
Segovin Textile
Since the foundation of Segovin Textile company, our main activity is the manufacturing of Dyed, printed and color woven textiles for the major manufactures and global fashion retailers. We function domestically and for the global export markets.

Head Office: Istanbul Turkey. - Sales, marketing and administration.

Production Offices: Bursa (Printing) Adana (Yarn dyed)

Subcontract factories: Bursa and Adana (All our factories are certified by Inditex)

Segovin has a strong partnership with a Korea supplier which we use for more specialized fabrics that are shipped to directly to various production hubs (China, Sir-Lanka, Morocco and UK)

We have a wide range of customers including Inditex, Topshop, LPP, Tally Weijl, Kokai, Next, H&M, Koton LCY, Tesco, Primark, ASOS.

Certified by Okoetex, GRS, GOTS and Lenzing,


Tencel, Lyocell, modal fabrics

100% linen and mixture of viscose and linen fabrics

Poly/viscose Plain dyed and Yarn dyed for more formal function.

Current production capacity approximately 500.000 meters per month.

Website: www.segovin.com.tr


TEL: 0212 220 69 66
Starline Textile
Established in 2013, Starline Textile operates in the field of weaving, knitting, printed and plain fabric production.

With a 20-year history that we have transformed from a family business to an industrial center, we offer special services for customers in many different market segments including clothing, fabric, printing and production. We aim to bring a new vision to the sector by taking part in numerous projects with our products.

Our company combines design, technology and art with research and innovator vision, and takes part in the sector with the latest technology equipment in our production facility.

Adres : 15 Temmuz Mh. Halkalı Cd. No:117/ A Güneşli- BAGCILAR- ISTANBUL

Web : www.starline.istanbul

Telefon : 0212 602 07 95

SIO tekstil
Our goal is to create a structure that always strives for something new and special, with a quality, creative perspective and bases all its energy and experience on customer satisfaction. We would like to say with pleasure that we continue to rapidly approach this milestone. We are currently exporting major brand products to the domestic market and to 16 countries from overseas.

Thanks to this experience, we entered the fabric market with new attractive design patterns, taking into account the requirements of the industry and their expectations from us.

Having entered the ready-to-wear sector in 1996, we have managed to create sought-after brands in overseas markets in a short time. In this process, we have set the bar even higher by exporting products to 26 countries, holding fairs and partnering with them. in many regions, as well as in sales. Behind the success of the ready-to-wear industry is the understanding that almost everything, from fabric selection to design and model definition,undefined based on our own preference.
Our pace will grow every day, keeping our line, we will continue to expand our brand in the global market.

Address : Oruçreis Mah. Giyimkent sitesi 18. sk. no: 6-8 Esenler/IST

Phone : +90 212 438 51 08

Seryaman Textile
Seryaman Textile has an experience in textile sector more than 20 years. The company is manufacturer of Recycle OE yarns and Knitted Fabrics for men, women and child clothes. The company has corresponding international certificates.

The yarn mill is located in Usak city and produces recycled cotton / polyester blended coloured OE yarns as range of between Ne 6/1 – Ne 30/1 for knitting and weaving.

The company's circular knitting facilities are located in Istanbul region and we produce knitted fabrics such as Single Jersey, Two Thread, Three Thread, Pique, Ottoman, Waffle, Camisole, Cardigan, and Jacquard Interlock fabrics according to the customer reguirements from recycled or conventional yarns.


Phone : +90 212 438 72 81

Web: www.seryamantextile.com

Şirinler fabrics
Şirinler Fabrics entered the textile industry in 1999 as a family business under the leadership of BAHATTİN KAÇMAZ. Our company, which has been increasing its activities in the textile sector every day since its establishment, completed its corporate transformation as SIRINLER KUMAS VE TEKSTİL SANAYİ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ in 2018. Our company, which continues its activities in Istanbul, continues its journey with its experienced and expert staff, environmentally friendly production methods, and a product portfolio with high quality and plenty of options. Our company aims to continue to provide wholesale fabric service by combining fashion and developing technology and to make the best contribution to the export of TURKEY.

By keeping the quality standard of our products above all commercial concerns, we follow the principle of quality first in management and production. Our mission is to meet the expectations of brands in line with industry standards and needs; To be an institution focused on customer satisfaction, reliable, giving importance to human health, making qualified production and adding value to the textile industry.

To lead our country to take its place in international competition in the textile sector and to be the number one choice of brands by aiming at continuous innovation and quality. Another important vision of ours is to focus on technologies that will keep the carbon footprint and water consumption at a minimum, giving importance to the use of recycled fabrics and packaging.


Phone: +90212 296 02 67

Web: www.sirinlerfabrics.com
Sezer Tekstil
Our company was established in 1995 by Birol Sezer to sell yarn and fabric. In 1999, it started to operate in order to produce fabric within its own structure. In the meantime, it continues its production in area of 2.000 m². It meets the demands of domestic and international customers with an annual capacity of 2.000.000 meters. The manufacturing process is recorded from the very beginning, stored in a digital environment and the production process is controlled. In addition to the production process, our company also provides pattern work and template weaving services. In order to provide better service to our customers, every effort is made to increase our quality and ensure its continuity. In order to certify these studies, they are inspected and documented by international certification bodies. The aim of our company is to follow and apply the developments in the sector and to provide the best service to our customers.


PHONE: 0212 674 52 32

Starteks has been founded in 1989 and continues its production in its
own factory area of 50.000m2 in Denizl city , with 2021 and 2022 models
latest system weaving machines.

Our main activity is the production of finished woven fabrics.Our
products are used by most known brands as trousers , pants , jackets ,
shorts and shirts.

We can produce cotton and cotton blended fabrics such as cotton/elastane
, cotton/polyester/elastane , cotton/viscose/elastane and

Our monthly production capacity is 500.000 mts. We export most of this
quantity to well-known EU brands.

Our company has GOTS and OCS certificate for organic fabrics production
and RCS certificate for re-cycled fabrics production and OEKO-Tex

Merkez: Kale Mah. İstiklal Cad. No:7 Pamukkale/Denizli

Showroom: M. Nesih Özmen Mah. Kasım Sok. No:48 Kat:3 Merter Güngören/İstanbul

Phone: 0258 267 1919

Web: starteks.com.tr
S&M Tekstil
S & M Textile Industry and trade company is founded in 1998 as production company. S&M has been extending its business with steady growth since it was created. It has increased its reputation in the sector over the years with its customer-oriented working model, which is one of the strategies it has adopted as a company by making products at world quality standards and has received satisfactory returns after every commercial work with its successful sales-marketing strategy, thus making its name known both in the domestic and international markets. It has never compromised its quality in the competitive market, which has changed over the years but has made plans to do better.


As a company, S&M has adopted an honest and ethical business life vision. Along with the most successful people in its field, with its young and dynamic staff, it aims to follow the trends that change every year and to come to more beautiful places in the sector. It production adopted to the special requests of customer. Our clients satisfaction is at the forefront of our priority.


S&M has contributed to the development of the Turkish textile industry by raising the quality standards of its products with its R&D studies and continuous research.

It diversifies its range of products by producing new samples with a higher quality every year which encourages its customers to produce new products


Phone: 0212 546 41 18 |0212 546 44 42

Web: www.smtekstil.com
Saygaç tekstil
As Saygac Textile, we keep a wide range of products and patterns in order to fully meet the expectations of our customers. We offer tencel, modal, cotton, viscose, linen, polyester and combinations of them, which we import and produce through our nationwide production network, with different patterns, colors and creations in accordance with the needs of our customers. As Saygac Textile, we open our doors to a different world every season with the collections we prepare under the leadership of our successful designers. All our collections prepared by our Italian design office.

We export our fabrics, which we have carefully prepared with the effective work of our R&D and P&D teams, to all over the World, especially to England, Italy, France and the USA. Our fabrics proudly adorn the collections of many corporate companies. Some of the brands, in collections of which we participate, are; Zara, H&M, TopShop, Mango, Lc Waikiki...

ADDRESS: Panayır mah. 505. Sk. Evke Flex Office Blok No:1/57 OSMANGAZİ/BURSA

WEB: www.saygactekstil.com
Seril tekstil
We produce all kinds of knitted fabrics, focusing on ready-to-wear products for use in baby, children, women and underwear.

By following the fashion trends, we produce new fabrics every season according to the wishes of your customers.

ADDRESS: Vatan Mah. İleri Cad. No:25/1 Yıldırım/BURSA/TÜRKİYE

PHONE: 0224 360 10 90

WEB: www.seriltekstil.com

Tekspa Kumaş
Tekspa Kumaş is a textile company in the field of shirt fabrics. We have a constantly renewed collection of unique and quality fabric with 100% cotton and cotton-polyester blended shirting fabric. We have established ourselves as an exclusive shirts wholesaler to domestic and overseas manufacturers.

Web: http://www.tekspakumas.com.tr/

Adres: Meşrutiyet Mah. Dere Sk.No:27 Osmanbey İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

Phone: +90 212 230 8390
Universal textile
SINCE 1998

We have been manufacturing underwear and outerwear and home textiles fabrics since 1998. Named by Time magazine as one of the most important inventions of the 20th century, the "anti-pilling polar fleece" comprises the most of our production and we are among Turkey's leading companies in manufacturing "polyester knitted fabrics" with our qualified workforce and the cutting-edge technology we use during production. In addition, we, as Universal Tekstil, are proud for being the first company to introduce polar fleece in Turkey. We shape the sector with our registered antibacterial, non-perspiring, non-flammable and anti-pilling polyester fabric range that we produce in our knitting, dyeing, printing and chemical finishing facilities. Moreover, we play a major role in the development of fabric production capacity in our country.

We are producing in high capacity at our 67,720m² outdoor and 50.000m² indoor production facilities. With our fabric production capacity up to 60 tons per day, we offer outstanding services to brands from all over the world. We produce our fabrics in our own facilities in accordance with internationally recognized quality standards. We add new values to Europe and Middle East markets with our advanced technology, service quality and high production capacity.

Phone: +90 212 671 03 74

Аddress: İkitelli OSB. Eski Turgut Özal Cd. No:22D 34490, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Türkiye

Web: universaltextile.com.tr
Uğur Tekstil
Uğur Tekstil has started its activities in the textile sector in Central Europe since 1988. While our company continues to export to European countries, it continues to work by turning to the domestic market after 2005.

From the establishment of Uğur Tekstil to today; It aims to be a pioneer in the market with its wide variety of alternatives offered in all fabric types for women's clothing, shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets and coats.

Research and Development; firm is the key point of our thinking. Our company continues to work to offer new and innovative products to the market.

Uğur Tekstil; It has adopted its defining feature in the sector, keeping the product variety rich, producing customer-specific solutions, being in a competitive price policy, fast service understanding and customer satisfaction.

Uğur Tekstil; It continues to work with the idea that trade should be based on mutual trust and honesty.

Adres: Halide Edip Adıvar Mah. Akar Cad. No 16 Bomonti / işli / İSTANBUL

Tel: (90) 212 232 32 65

Web: www.ugurtextile.com
Uğurluoğlu tekstil
Our company, which was founded by İrfan Uğurlu son in 1982, took place in the textile sector with its own resources. Our company is a family business and has 60 employees. In our new factory with 6.000 m2 closed area on 40 decares of land, production is carried out on 1999 - 2000 model 38 Somet Thema Super Excel and 8 Picanol Optimax looms. Our annual production capacity is 4.700.000 m.

We import the vast majority of our raw material needs from scratch. We have the opportunity to weave all kinds of fabrics, especially lycra and polyviscose, from 40 gr to 400 gr. Most of our fabrics are sold dyed and supplied to export customers. We guarantee all kinds of quality with our expert staff. In order to provide better and faster service to our customers, paint and finishing facilities are among our investments. As a company, we always aimed; As our product quality increases, our strength will increase.

Our quality policy ; It is the continuous improvement of all business processes with the participation of all employees in order to achieve perfect business results.

In order to achieve this, we will exceed the expectations of our customers. We will satisfy our employees and enable their personal development. We will share the added value we create with the society while meeting the expectations of the institutions and organizations we cooperate with. We will integrate with our suppliers on a purpose principle.

As the management, we will use all our resources in a unity of belief.

Аddress: Karabalçık Köy Yolu, 1. Km Ovaakça 16100 Osmangazi / BURSA

Web: www.ugurluoglutekstil.com

Phone: +90 224 267 0661
Unity Tekstil
it is a leading integrated textile company operating in the textile sector for more than 15 years. With more than 1000 employees in Unity Textiles; Cotton yarn manufacturing, fabric manufacturing, rotation, print and fabric production and garment apparel 1500 ton per month production capacity 1,000,000 piece with activities.

It is a company that works with professional people in its field with its factories with state-of-the-art machines and aims to provide the best service to its customers.

Unity Tekstil, which is aware of its responsibilities to the environment and acts on this issue, has BCI, GOTS, OCS 100, GRS and OEKO-TEX certificates

Address: Osmangazi mah. 3142. Sok no:7 Esenyurt/İstanbul - telsiz mah. İmdat toraman cad. No:2/4 zeytinburnu ç/ istanabul

Web: www.unitytekstil.com

Phone :+90 212 558 07 84
Ünlü Transfer
We are the complete package that you need for all of your creative fabric needs. We combine the latest trends from catwalks and street looks with lean manufacturing techniques to offer you the most up-to-date fabric collection.

Ünlü Transfer took its first steps in 1992. Company followed every major moments of breakthrough of the textile world. In the beginning the core business was thermal sublimation print on polyester fabrics, but the company changed radically when it first acquired its lamination and coating machine. As time went on, the company added more novel finishing techniques into its production line and since 2018 started to source its own fabrics.

In 2021, the company slowly started to shift its name to HiFabrik to better reflect its fabric. Currently, the company is investing heavily into digital transformation by deploying deep integrations with technology partners such as Transfertex, Browzwear and CLO3D.

Address: Yenidoğan Mahallesi, Eser Sokak, No: 6-8 Bayrampaşa, 34030, İstanbul, Türkiye

Phone: +90 212 576 5250

Web: www.unlutransfer.com
Uluyurt Tekstil

Cotton, cotton/ polyester , linen, cotton/ elastene, viscose,tencel etc.composition
Shirting fabrics, denim fabrics, non denim fabrics, jacquards, dijital printed fabrics,
Rotary printed fabrics, yarn dyed& overdyed fabrics.


With more than 30 years of experience, we continue to serve our valued customers without
Compromising quality. We have a wide range of products in our company.


In shirting group indigo plaid, reactive dyed, sulfur dyed, denim, 100% cotton, cotton polyester,

Pure linen, linen/cotton, 100% polyester, blended yarn products, printing and dijital printing

Products are available.

In women's fabric, there are current fantasy fabric types, printing, dijital printing, jacquard,

Viscose, 100% cotton polyester, 100% polyester, viscose polyester, 100% viscose yarn productions.

Address: Merter Tekstil Merkezi, Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mah., Limon Sok. No:17/B Merter Güngören İstanbul

Phone: +9 0212 219 92 81

Web: uluyurttekstil.com
Ülteks Peluş, founded in 1985 with it's 16,000m2 facility, produces and provides it's services within the parameters outlined by the OEKO-TEX standards.

Upon demand, Ülteks Peluş is also capable of productions in correlation with the Joinlife-RCS-RWS standards; annually renewing and advancing it's product range according to the needs and demands set by the market.

ADRESS: Kavaklı Mah. Deniz Aktaş Cad. No.19 P.K: 34520 Beylikdüzü-İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

PHONE: 0 212 855 82 00 – 01 – 02 – 03 – 04

USK tekstil
We are manufacturer of woven fabrics for ladies wear.Our factory is located in Bursa,Turkey.Our annual capacity is 2.000.000 mtrs approxiamately.We produce woven jacquards,printed,plains too.Compositions are polyester,viscose,lyocell ,cotton,naylon and blends.Price range is 2-5 usd and delivery terms are 4 weeks

Address: Mustafa Karaer Cd. No: 49/1 Osmangazi 16245 / Bursa - TURKEY

Phone: 0224 261 21 00

Web: wwww.defenni.com.tr
Viratex is a fabric company that transfers many years of experience in fabric and pattern printing to the collection. With its wide trend collection in woven and knitted fabric, it provides quality and safe service for the women's wear industry. With its wide pattern archive and special design collection, it produces digital printed fabrics within its own structure.


Phone: +9 0212 234 6450

Web: www.virakumas.com.tr
Ventsa Tekstil
Welcome to World of Design, Passion and Dream.
Ventsa Tekstil which is located in Bursa/Turkey mainly focused on Production woven fashion fabrics for Woman Cloth.

Our collection include fabrics such as sateen, tafta, cotton, tencel, rayon, naylon, organze, flocked organze, etc.
Our company specialized on plain dyed Fabric either yarn dyed production. We produce fabrics for dresses, evening wear, cocktails and trousers, causal as well. Fabrics are composed of polyester, polyester/viscose with and without elastic, polyester/polyamide, etc. Also we can dye fabric or print any design on it and fold into pleats if needed.

Web: www.ventsatekstil.com

Phone: +90 (224) 360 09 94, +90 (224) 361 01 65

Address: DOSAB Papatya Sok. No: 4 / A Osmangazi / BURSA
Vivid Tekstil
Having founded at 2020, Vivid is a part of group of companies under the main brand MIB, which had been founded in 2009. The founder of the group of companies has been in the industry for more than 25 years, which makes Vivid an experienced enterprise.

Vivid Textile is currently translating its experiences and connections into fast, immaculate and

innovative fabric production. Creating a humanist and equal atmosphere for its co-workers, at Vivid Textile we prioritize their happiness. We believe best results in a sustainable business, come out of a happy environment. We also believe in a sustainable future.

By 2025, our goal is to make 100% of our fabric selection sustainable. In order to meet this goal of more environmental-friendly productions, we and our third parties, make investments in technological infrastructure using less energy resources.

Having adopted a management perception of young, dynamic and innovator teamwork, at Vivid Textile, we provide service to world's leading clothing brands. In line of the trends and colors, we manufacture fast, very highquality fabrics that are blend of cotton, Tencel, modal, viscose, polyester,
polyamide and linen yarns.

In our company and all of our subcontractors, we make human rights, occupational health & safety and environment-consciousness a priority. In order to feel our co-workers' support at all times, in our human rights policy, we change the term "employee"" with "co-worker" instead.

As Vivid Textile, together with our co-workers, we are here to reach our goal of being an important player at womenswear with our exclusive touch, redefining "speed" and "customer-focused" words within the industry and being more than a "solution partner", but rather a part of customer experience process.

Address : Demirtaş Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Fulya Sk. No : 8 Osmangazi / BURSA

Phone : +90 224 261 13 01

Web : vivdtex.com
Yeşilova Kumaşcılık
In 2011 we started woven fabric production and sale in İstanbul.In a very wide range,we produce and sell polyester,viscon,cotton,linen and blended fabrics for women ,men and kids clothing.

As dyeing and printed fabrics we produce and sell 1.300000 mt. in average per year.

We export our fabrics to the brands located in europe ,and both domestic and foreign suppliers.

Phone: +90 212 637 87 75

Address: M.Nesih OZMEN Mah. Fatih Cad. Yuksel Sok. No:5 Gungoren / ISTANBUL
Yükselen Örme

Yükselen Knitting, we have been operating in the jewelry, textile and construction sectors since 1985.

Our priority in all the sectors we operate in is to serve our customers at the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality. We produce fabrics for the leading brands of our country and the world in the textile sector.

We have an average monthly sales of 400,000 kg of fabric. All of our fabrics pass a total of 30 different tests that are valid worldwide. (Acidic sweat, basic sweat, light fastness, bursting strength, piling, pressure resistance, shrinkage, non-shrinkage, etc.) We offer new fabrics to our customers every season, and also reflect the dreams of our customers to the fabric. . We produce printed fabrics with thousands of different colors and patterns, jacquard interlocks that will attract all the attention, quilts that will keep you warm in the cold weather of winter, tri-threads, double-threads, threes. All of our produced fabrics are passed through 100% quality control and we are in pursuit of delivering fabric to our valued customers without any problem. Of course, while doing all these, we are assertive with both the deadline and our prices. As the rising knitting team, the only thing in mind is; our work is perfect. Quality follows us while we pursue perfection.

We manufacture knıtted fabrıcs using cotton,viscose,polyester,modal and openend,comped wortex yarns. We add beauty to fabrics we produce by using napeli,injekt and muline yarns.

Fabrics tahat produced printed suprems,jacquard interlocks,ribs,camisole,double thread,tri-thread waffellars, Seloniki,qualıts. Moreever,we are also assertive in 60/2 ,70/2 mercerized fabrics.

ADRES: Mahmutbey mah. Atlas cd.2581 Sokak. No:5 Zemin Kat. BAĞCILAR/ İSTANBUL

Phone: +90(212)4460241 , +90(212)4460276

Z Teks Tekstil
The ZTEKS TEKSTIL factory was established in 1998 and produces fabrics according to the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. Investments in modernization designed in accordance with the standards of efficiency and sustainable growth, the factory increases its capacity every year. Zteks has long-term commercial relationships with Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.


The Zteks Textile factory carries out its activities, without deviating from the principles determined during its creation, has managed to combine experience with modern technologies and production systems. Thanks to an innovative approach, the factory manages to annually increase its range of fabrics and shape its production technology through regular research and development on an industrial scale. Production facilities are located on an area of 7.5 thousand square meters. The production volume of fabrics is 1.5 million meters per year. Raw materials forundefined fabric production is purchased from India.

Terms of cooperation

% 70 fabrics in stock, we are working on stock
A roll of sale out of stock from
Minimum order: 500 mt per color
Price range: $ 2.5-6
Production time: 10-21 working days
Delivery time to Russia: 5-10 days

Sectors of use:

• Men's clothing
• Women's clothing
• Baby clothes

Types of products:

• Shirts
• Blouse fabrics
• Dress fabrics - plain dyed
• Boucle / chanel fabrics
• Fabrics for school uniforms

Web: www.zteks.com.tr

Phone: +90(212) 231 78 89

Address: Nakiye Elgun Sok. No:1 Osmanbey / Istanbul / TURKEY
We manufacture and sell printed, plain dyed, jacquard fabric products to 30 countries and our domestic market with our 25 years of Fabric and Printing experience. Zirve is a company that has always adopted business ethics as a principle with digital production control and quality control. In our facility, which works with modern machine park and using the latest technology with full efficiency, 15,000 mt of fabric printing is done per day. Our facility is located in Mari Plaza, within 2,500 meters of Istanbul Kağıthane.

Web: www.zirvetextile.com

Phone: +90 212-320-29-90

Address: Gürsel mahallesi nurtaç caddesi no 9/A mari plaza Kağıthane / İSTANBUL
Zipon Tekstil
Zipon, to operate in the textile sector, ZIPON TEKSTİL TURİZM SAN. VE FOREIGN TRADE LTD. STI. It was established by in June 2007.

With our wide range of products, our innovative spirit, our efforts to take quality and beautiful steps in the sector,

We continue our work at full speed to be the indispensable choice of our customers with affordable product and brand variety.

Our aim is to provide our customers with fast, quality and reliable shopping opportunities.


PHONE: 0 212 482 85 54

Turkey, Bursa, Osmangazi Business Center "Buttim" Plaza, 13th floor, office 1301